Business Setup In International Humanitarian City [IHC]

What makes the IHC offer unique?
  • A community of local and international humanitarian nonprofits and commercial suppliers
  • A fully integrated one-stop-shop, with access to procurers, suppliers and business partners and fast multi-modal logistics capabilities
  • Office, warehousing and meeting facilities
  • A comprehensive set of value-added services
  • Increased visibility and networking opportunities
  • A platform for humanitarian information and knowledge exchange
  • A socially responsible operating environment
  • Facilitated access to job seekers, volunteers and CSR endeavours
  • What makes IHC a ‘strategic location’?
  • A crossroad between East, West, North and South
  • Rapid disaster response: 7 hours maximum flight time to major crisis-prone areas
  • 10 minute sea-to-air logistics capabilities
  • Superb airport and seaport infrastructure
  • Dubai’s economic momentum, political stability and governmental support
  • Minimal red tape
  • Competitive fee structures
  • A cosmopolitan and attractive living environment
  • Stable local currency
  • Free zone benefits:
    • > 100% foreign ownership
    • > 100% repatriation of capital and profits
    • > 100% free transfer of funds
    • > 100% exemption of import and export duties

    At present, IHC operates out of its premises in Dubai located behind Business Bay. The secure compound is designed to meet the specific needs of IHC members, and includes:

  • Office space: 4 office buildings
  • Warehouses: 21,000 sqm of warehouses
  • Auditorium: 50 seats, stage, speaker podium and comprehensive audiovisual equipment
  • Meeting rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • IHC will be relocating to a bigger land strategically located in Dubai World Central, near the new Jebel Ali International Airport and only 10 minutes away from the Jebel Ali Seaport, and will feature a comprehensive set of facility options at competitive rates, including:

  • Offices
  • Dedicated UN Building
  • Business and Training Facilities
  • Food Court
  • Warehouses of various sizes and types

    At present, IHC provides its member organisations with a range of specialised services to facilitate their operations out of Dubai:

  • Facilities Management: Maintenance and security
  • Governmental Services: Registration, licensing, leasing and visa services
  • Recruitment e-Portal: Access to online CV Database and Job Opening posting system
  • Volunteer e-Portal: Access to online Volunteer Database and Volunteer Appeal posting system
  • Pro Bono e-Portal: Access to online Pro Bono Database
  • Donor Assistance: One-to-one donor/project matching services
  • Events e-Portal: Providing members’ events with enhanced visibility through the IHC website
  • Press Office: Promoting members’ latest news and offering the possibility to post media materials through the IHC website
  • As IHC transitions to its new location in Jebel Ali, organisations and commercial companies registered with IHC will benefit from additional real estate and value-added services specifically designed to support their operations, encourage networking and coordination, while bolstering IHC’s role as a humanitarian logistics, procurement, communications and training hub.

    Who can join the IHC community?

    IHC brings together humanitarian nonprofit organisations and commercial entities in an environment that fosters effective partnerships and social responsibility, while offering clear legal and physical zoning partitions between commercials and non-commercials in the spirit of security and transparency.

    Nonprofit Organisations:
  • United Nations agencies
  • Specialised agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • News, research and educational institutions
  • Commercial Companies:
  • Manufacturers and suppliers (aid related goods and services) e.g. shelters, medical equipment, food items, vehicles, etc.
  • Service providers e.g. logistics, security, maintenance, consulting, etc.
  • More than 55 organisations and commercial companies are currently registered with IHC.
    As a Free Zone Authority, IHC can issue licenses to:

  • Branches of international nonprofit organisations and commercial companies
  • Subsidiaries of commercial companies
  • New commercial companies
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