Register Offshore Company & Have Bank Account in UAE

Offshore IBC :

Zero Paid Up Capital.

No Audit, Accounting and Book-keeping Requirement.

100% Privacy and confidentiality.

Cost-effective Incorporations.


200+ Real Reviews from Real Customers. On Google.

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  • Government Costs of Incorporation.
  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Registered Office Address.
  • Company Stamp
  • Assistance in Bank Account Opening.
  • Government Costs of Incorporation.
  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Registered Office Address.
  • Company Stamp
  • Assistance in Bank Account Opening.
  • Legal Drafting
  • Government Costs of Incorporation.
  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Registered Office Address.
  • Company Setup
  • Assistance in Bank Account Opening.
  • Eligibility to hold UAE Free hold Property
  • Government Costs of Incorporation.
  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Registered Office Address.
  • Company Stamp
  • Assistance in Bank Account Opening. (Optional US$ 500)
  • Government Costs of Incorporation.
  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Registered Office Address.
  • Company Setup
  • Assistance in Bank Account Opening. (Optional US$ 1000)

All Offshore’s Include

  • 100 % Foreign Ownership.
  • Zero Percent Income Tax.
  • Registered Office Address.
  • Complete Confidentiality.
  • Bank Account local and International.
  • 100% Repatriation of Profits.
  • 100% Repatriation of Capital.
  • Export Tax Exemption.
  • Invoice Facility to offshore clients.
  • Intellectual Property Protection.
  • Limited Liability.
  • Corporate Shareholding of Subsidiary Companies.

Compare different Offshore Jurisdiction






Hong Kong

100 % Foreign Ownership

Zero Percent Corporate Tax

Registered Office Address


Bank Account local and International

100% Repatriation of Profits

100% Repatriation of Capital

Export Tax Exemption

Invoice Facility to offshore Clients

Limited Liability Company

Intellectual Property Protection

Paid Up Capital Requirement 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $
Real Estate Investment within Jurisdiction of Origin

Business inside Jurisdiction of Origin

Non-Resident Director

Nominee Shareholder

Nominee Director

Nominee Secretary

Time Frame 6-7 Working Days 4-5 Working Days 20-25 Working Days 4-5 Working Days 10-15 Working Days
Bearer Shares Permitted

Minimum Director 1 1 2 1 1
Applicable LAW UAE UAE Civil UAE Civil Common Common
Shelf Companies Available

What makes Flying Colour Business Setup Services your trusted registered agent?

Flying Colour Business Setup Services is the largest service provider and one stop solution in UAE helping businesses in setting up companies in Offshore Jurisdictions.

We also provide services for Introduction to banker for corporate bank account opening and registration of Trademark, Patents and Copyrights under offshore structures all across UAE and International jurisdictions.

More than 10000 global clients from different industries are trusted Flying Colour services and partnership.

Vast experience and certified consultants, collective efforts make us great partners for many SMEs Worldwide.

Dedicated & experianced account manager and qualified operational staff enables us to provide fast track & reliable services.


  • 1.     UAE being hub for Offshore IBC structure offers competitive prices for the complete package as there is no additional cost for bank account opening.
  • 2.     JAFZA offshore provides eligibility of holding property investments in UAE under the corporate structure.
  • 3.     Easy Documentation process enables many clients to fulfil compliance requirements from Offshore Authorities.

Shareholder and Director Information for any offshore company is not available in public and is protected with the Registered agent and the offshore authority.

After all required documents are received in our office, it takes 3-4 working days for the incorporation of an Offshore IBC.

Most jurisdictions require shareholder’s presence to setup the offshore IBC structure and bank account opening.

In UAE nominee shareholding, directorship and secretarial services are not available. However, BVI and Hong Kong offers these value added facilities to further protect ultimate beneficial owner’s privacy. We protect the rights of ultimate beneficial owners through proper and mutually agreed agreements/trust deeds.

Offshore Company works on the principle of virtual office and no physical presence. Hence, Registered Agent and their office address are used for your company’s correspondence with the offshore authority.

We introduce our clients to top local banks and assist them in understanding the banks requirements and tariffs to finalize the bank account opening. With Flying Colour Business Setup Services, banker comes to you instead you are travelling to different branches. Hassle free services enable our clients to choose the right bank suiting their business requirements.

No offshore company requires audit, accounting and book-keeping for tax returns or renewal of the company.

  • 1.     Assistance for Company Formation.
  • 2.     Registered Agency.
  • 3.     Registered Office Address.
  • 4.     Assistance in Bank Account Opening.
  • 5.     Legal Drafting of Application and Agreements.
  • 6.     Legal Advice for corporate re-structuring.

First Year’s Incorporation Fee and Renewal Fee include complete service charges for the registered agent to draft legal applications, board resolutions and company letters and certificates. (Government costs are applicable in case any document is to be requested/ or attested by the offshore authority, embassies and ministries).

6 Questions

We highly recommend that the following 6 distinct questions are asked prior to closing the deal from your service provider organization

    1. How long the service provider company exist in Dubai / UAE?
    Flyingcolour began 15 years ago as an expert-based business setup consultancy company.

    2. How many clients have been served by the service provider company?
    Since its setup, Flyingcolour has successfully accomplished over 10,000 tasks for various customers globally in Dubai.

    3. Specifically, which kinds of license/operations have been handled by the service provider?
    Flyingcolour has managed to consistently process within the 15 years since its inception Trading License, General Trading License, Hospitality Services, Advertisement, Real Estate, Tourism, Health Care license, Contracting, Logistics and Auditing Licenses.
    4. How your service provider protects investors in Mainland company where 51% share belongs to UAE National?
    Flyingcolour is anchored on reliability and therefore gives a trusted corporate Dubai National Shareholder to protect an investor's business. Additionally,  it provides side agreement terms aimed at solely safeguarding an investors rights.

    5. How many professional are currently working in service provider company?
    Since its setup, Flyingcolour has managed to employ a robust as well as an experienced staff of over 45 professionals.

    6. Can the infrastructure owned by the service provider be termed as strong and durable?
    Flyingcolour is situated within an office stretch region of 3000 Sq. ft. in a strategic position of Dubai Media City. All services, as well as transactions in the organization, are entirely technology-based and automated.

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