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UK Sole Representative Visa

UK Sole Representative Visa

Open Overseas Branch of Your Business in United Kingdom

Overview of UK Sole Representative Visa

United Kingdom is the dream destination to most of business investors. UK is one of the leading countries in research and development aspect. It has the most famous universities and is one of the largest economies in the world. With the largest purchasing power and growing income economy it has become 14th favoured country in the world. And now your dream to work and live in UK and become their citizen is possible with minimum formalities with sole representative visa UK. This program is for senior employees/ executives and managers of a business which is not established or has any branch is UK. The applicant cannot hold more than 50% shares of the business, or should be a minority in the business.

Eligibility Criteria

An individual can enter the UK as a representative of an oversea business if the business is established outside of the UK and the individual is either:

  • Senior employee from an oversea business to come to the UK and establish the UK branch or subsidiary
  • The sole representative plans to set up either a UK branch or wholly owned subsidiary of an already established oversea business
Additional eligibility requirements:
  • Main applicant should be Non EU Citizen
  • Should have enough money to support themselves without government funds
  • Should meet minimum language competency

UK Sole Representative Visa Validity:

  • Initial visa is valid for 3 years
  • On completion of which, visa is extended for 2 more years
  • You can apply for Citizenship in the 6th year

Requirements for the sole representative visa UK

  • Parent company or headquarter will operate from outside of UK, and the purpose to open the UK branch is only to expand the business. Proof of company’s assets, accounts and the share ratio distribution from previous years need to be provided
  • The representative is a senior employee of the oversea business. Appointment letter, confirmation of employment (contract copy) would be needed along with confirmation of salary. Job description for responsibility to be performed in UK can also be provided
  • The applicant applying cannot be a majority shareholder of the oversea business
  • The oversea business does not have any branch or subsidiary in the UK
  • Representative has full authority and complete power to make decision for the UK branch
  • Nature of business to be operated in the UK should be similar to oversea business
  • Applicant can handle finances for themselves, and not depend on public funds for any use
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