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US E2 Visa

USA E2 Visa for Immigrant Investors from Treaty Countries

Overview of US E2 Visa

A treaty investor visa is a non-immigrant visa granted to foreign entrepreneurs from countries with treaties with the United States. E-2 investor visa allows foreign investors to enter and work inside of the United States based on a substantial investment in a bonafide enterprise

Eligibility Criteria for USA E2 Treaty Business Visa

  • US citizens can only obtain this visa if their country has signed a treaty with US. These nations include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Grenada, Iran, Jordon, Oman, Srilanka, Philippines etc.
  • The E2 Treaty Investor visa allows the investors from treaty countries to live and to do business in the USA with his / her dependants. It may also be used by senior executives and managers from treaty countries too.

USA E2 Treaty Business Visa

US E2 Visa

  • First, you need to invest in the business as per the business plan, and then you can apply for an E2 visa
  • E2 visa applicants are not required to work for the company outside the USA for a set period of time
  • The E2 visa scheme does not require the business to continue operating outside the United States
  • E2 visas are only available to people whose nationality is part of a treaty with the United States
  • The E2 visa does not require a minimum number of jobs to be generated
  • In order to qualify for an E2 visa, there must be a substantial investment in the USA. There are no specific investment requirements. On the other hand, based on past experience, it is recommended that applicants invest a minimum of USD 50,000 in their business in order to have a bright chance of success. A range of expenses may be incurred, including travel, sales and marketing, equipment purchases, and more. It can be more difficult to register for an E2 visa with a smaller investment
  • The investment in the business must be made upfront, regardless of the success or failure of the application. When an existing business is purchased, the payment can be held in an escrow account and released to the seller once an E2 visa application has been approved.
  • In order to be eligible for the E2 visa treaty, the investor must own and control at least fifty percent of the US business
  • There is no requirement to employ a certain number of US citizens or residents. In many cases, stating that you will hire two or three employees within one or two years will suffice

E2 Business Visa

  • A new business should have a business plan describing its future plans. A detailed description of the new business and plans to hire new staff in the USA should be included in this document
  • Any prospective employee should provide information about their skills, qualifications, and work history
  • As a non-immigrant visa category, the principal investor, and any other E2 visa staff, must be able and prepared to leave the US upon the termination of their E2 status. In any case, the E2 Treaty Investor visa can continue to be extended indefinitely

E2 USA Visa

  • Business startup – Setting up a fully new business
  • Business expansion – Setting up of a branch of an existing overseas business
  • Buying an existing business – Buying completely or minimum of 50% shares of an existing business
  • Buying franchise
  • In most cases, E2 registration and E2 visas are granted for a longer period of time at an Embassy. US embassies have different policies depending on nationality. Occasionally, the validity period is five years when applying outside the United States. The same is true for British citizens and many other nationalities. The maximum period for applying for a change of status in the USA is two years.
  • You will not need to apply again if you apply under Consular processing, as it is more likely that your E2 Registration and Visa will be for a much longer period. If you are granted an E2 visa, you will be able to travel freely in and out of the United States without having to apply again. If you have applied through a change of status, you will need to apply for a visa again at an Embassy or Consulate. USCIS’s decision will not be accepted by the US Embassy, thereby increasing the risk.
  • By applying for an E2 visa via a change of status in the US, a decision can be obtained faster with premium processing.

E Visa Processing

E Visa

  • Spouses and dependents of E2 visa workers are also eligible for E2 visas, and will normally be granted the same period of stay as the principal E2 visa holder
  • E2 – spouses and dependants do not need to be of the same nationality as the principal applicant
    Spouses are allowed to work. However, he/she has to apply for work authorization
  • Children under the age of 21 can study but are not allowed to work under the E2 Treaty Investor visa category.
  • Children after reaching the age of 21 years of age under E2 visa status will need to change to his / her individual visa status
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