Zones Corp In Abu Dhabi

Key Benefits for Operating at ZonesCorp

ZonesCorp offers investors developments and services combined with the advantages of political incentives, a visionary leadership and a welcoming environment.

  • Investment Climate
  • Conducive business climate.
  • State of the art infrastructure.
  • Cluster based zoning model allowing the full integration within the industry value chain deriving synergy benefits.
  • Operational Benefits

    Products manufactured within our zones enjoy a duty free access to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries as well as to signatory countries to the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement.
    Duty free import of machinery and raw materials.
    Customer centric approach through the adoption of a “One stop shop” concept.
    Tax exemptions.
    Free repatriation of profit and capital.
    Availability of energy at competitive rates.


    An international spectrum of skills.
    Vocational training centres ensuring supply of skilled labour force.
    Workers’ Residential Cities providing world standard labour accommodation.
    Streamlined labour procedures through the foreign labour services – FLS.


    12 minutes to Abu Dhabi International Airport
    50 minutes to Jebel Ali Port and Jebel Ali Airport
    Planned on-site Port – The Abu Dhabi Industrial Port to serve ZonesCorp’s projects.

    Value-Added Services

    Investment Advice: we assist our customers in selecting the land plot that is best suitable for their investment venture… we also assist in determining operational requirements.
    Business Matchmaking – BMM

    Existing Zones
    ICAD I

    ICAD I is focused on heavy-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including metal products, construction materials, fiberglass and plastics assembly. ICAD I extends over an area of 14km².


    ICAD II is focused on light-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including wood processing, engineering, oil and gas, construction materials, and chemicals. The Zone covers 11km² and has been constructed in distinct phases according to a detailed master plan. The final phase will be completed in 2007.


    ICAD III is focused on light-to-medium engineering and processing business with an international focus. Wood processing and engineering, chemicals and plastics, construction materials, high-tech industries, food and textiles are the key target sectors for this zone. It extends over an area of 12 km2 and is scheduled for completion in 2008.

    Al Ain Industrial City (I & II)

    Al Ain is strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Al Ain Industrial City is a multi-use development but with a priority focus on SME’s in the light-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including wood, engineering, chemicals and plastics, construction materials, food and textiles. It covers 5km² with a further 5km² planned for phase II which is currently being master planned. Completion of phase I will occur in mid-2008 and this has generated a very high level of pre-commitment from potential investors.

    Workers’ Residential Cities

    The workers’ residential city projects have been conceived to address the large demand for workers’ accommodation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The project need arises from its capacity to support the development of a strong non-oil industrial base in Abu Dhabi and in enhancing the image of the emirate, thereby further attracting investments and the requisite workforce for continued development and growth. Through the development of these facilities, ZonesCorp has sought to balance the national objective of generating immediate capacities against its need for creating self sustaining projects, generating moderate returns to ZonesCorp and the project developers.

    ICAD IV and V

    ICAD IV and V are both extensions of the previous ICAD zones and will be focused on high value-added manufacturing, commercial and service based industries. We are currently undertaking the pre-feasibility and concept master planning activities for these zones which will cover a land area of approximately 36km2.
    Energy Zone is our latest and most ambitious zone to date. It is designed to complement the oil and gas hubs already located within ICAD. The Energy Zone focuses on the knowledge-based and energy-related service enterprises within the Energy Sector. Phase 1 of the project covers 36 hectares and will offer a highly distinctive physical identity which incorporates approximately 500,000m2 of high quality office accommodation and associated support facilities. The physical infrastructure will be complemented by a fully integrated ubiquitous technology platform that is unprecedented in the GCC. Even though the first phase of the zone is still in the final phase of master planning there has already been a high level of interest from major players in this sector.

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