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Complete Guide To Register Free Zone Company In Free Zones Located In Ajman

Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone is among the oldest and most popular Free Zones within the United Arab Emirates. The country started with the free zone in 1988. It is situated in the Emirates of Ajman 40 minutes drive from Dubai.  Remember, Ajman is growing as an industrial and manufacturing industry in the UAE. 

The Free Zone provides comfort and flexibility to the investors by giving them with 100 percent foreign ownership of their business.  Because this zone is the situated adjacent to a seaport and welcomes any businesses: so, starting with freelancers and ending with light manufacturing and trading companies.

People interested in business setup in UAE should consider the Ajman’s free zone, because it will open a numerous options for them and act as great exposure. New entrepreneurs may also apply for various installment payment options when applying to register a company in the Ajman free zone. You will relish the feature of affordable fees in the Ajman free zone for new business owners.

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Benefits of Ajman Free Zone 

  • Cost-effective and efficient – All types of businesses, from small to middle-sized companies, are welcome in this free zone to open free zone company in Ajman. So,  you can set up your company with a small amount and later grow it cost-effectively. In short, the Ajman Free Zone is one of the most cost-effective free zones and is famous among small to mid-size entrepreneurs. 
  • Open to multiple business types -Ajman free zone is open to general trading. So, people are eager to get trading licenses in Ajman. In addition, it also offers industrial and professional licenses amongst other people. So now you are allowed to apply for a new e-commerce license, which is not given in most other free zones in the UAE.
  • Multiple visa options: Ajman Free Zone provides numerous packages that offer different numbers of visas. For a person who has no experience in the UAE, Ajman is the right option. Because, the office packages like the Smart Office package and Executive Office package give three visas and five visas respectively. The use of office space, equipment, and rooms for meetings without the need to rent a permanent desk is given in some of the packages like the Flexi-desk package.
  • Business setup fees can be paid in installments: The most attractive benefit of the Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone is the installment payment plan. So, it indicates that you can start your company by simply paying a part of a Business setup in the Ajman free zone costBecause it is the best thing for those people who do have not a significant business for setting up a business in Ajman. Now, This free zone is the only Free Zone that offers this type of the payment plan.
  • Best location: Ajman Free Zone has international airports and significant seaports that make the import and export trade easy. So, it provides an excellent road links to the nearby Emirates and is just half an hour from  Dubai.

Types of Ajman Free Zone

1. Ajman Free zone

Ajman Free Zone, also known as AFZA, is a free trade zone. This zone is among the designated free zones situated in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. First introduced in 1988, it is one of the some unbonded free zones in the UAE offering offshore company setup and operation to investors.

2. Ajman Media City (AMC)

Ajman Media City or AMC was established to boost competitiveness among local and regional businesses, with an exciting and professional business environment. Because it accommodates business owners and SMEs specializing in the media sector via uncountable licensing packages.

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Offices & Warehouse Facility

  • Warehouses – The warehouses are developed in this Free Zone in a way that they will cover all the regions surrounding the Ajman seaports. The expanded ports will help new businesses to business setup in Ajman free zone.
  • Flexi-desk – You will use the Flexi-desk without any monthly usage restriction. These are also present either in the headquarters of the free zones or other nearby locations.
  • Offices – These offices in the  Ajman Free Zone can either be located on a separate floor, somewhere nearby, or within the headquarters of the Free Zone.

Types of license in Ajman Free Zone

  • Commercial license: This license allows the distribution of goods across the United Arab Emirates. 
  • E-commerce license: This category of license is especially for those businesses that are engaged in digital trading.
  • Service license: This license allows the provision of consulting services in any sector. Apart from consulting services, saloon, management, and advertising services are some of the other services covered in this license.
  • Pioneer license: Ajman Free Zone brings a new license for college students and youth to fulfill their aspirations. This license is designed for youth in UAE aged between 20 – 30 years old. This is the cheapest startup for UAE residents.
  • Freelance license: This license allows you to perform numerous business activities. Therefore, this license is suitable for a person to work legally. Most importantly, the renewal cost of this license will be the same the following year. Furthermore, the license gives you a visa for three years.  Therefore, the license allows you to be more confident as a freelancer in the United Arab Emirates. 
  • Industrial license:  This license provides you with the provision of the required facilities.
  • Professional license: The license encircles professional facilities.

Steps for Business Formation in Ajman Free Zone

  1. First, you should initially finalize business activities for Ajman Free Zone Business Setup.
  2. You should select a reliable company structure for the Ajman Free Zone company setup.
  3. You should choose and register the company or trade name of your company. 
  4. You have to rent or lease an office space.
  5. You must apply for a business license.
  6. You have to submit the relevant documents to the Ajman Free Zone authorities.
  7. You must pay the Business setup in Ajman free zone cost, and get the license.
  8. You should open a corporate bank account in any bank in the UAE.
  9. You should obtain a visa for the United Arab Emirates. 

Free Zones Located in Ajman

Following is a very popular free zone located in Ajman

Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Media City (AMC)

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