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Assistance in Bank Account opening in UAE


In case the requirement is to open Islamic account we suggest Emirates Islamic, RAK Islamic account. If the requirement is for conducting investment or foreign trade then we suggest Al Masraf. If you are looking for a conventional type of account then there are various options like ENBD, Mashreq Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, National Bank of Fujairah, Union National bank, and ADCB etc.

Time frame to open account is based on various factors like – Nature of business, Domicile of operation (Free Zone/ Offshore or Mainland) and nationality of signatory. For instance in mainland General Trading activity requires compliance approval to open account which hence takes additional time to open the bank account. Based on all these factors time frame will differ .For a Normal Trading company in mainland with all necessary documents in place, normal time taken is 10 working days to open account.

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