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Mainland Business Setup In Dubai International City


Mainland Company Registration With Department Of Economic Development DED Dubai


Mainland Business Setup In International City

The mainland is a non-free zone territory in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE. This jurisdiction is regulated by the Department of Economic Development, which is responsible for issuing mainland licenses. These licenses allow entrepreneurs to conduct the operation of their business in the UAE. 

Due to Commercial Company laws introduced by the UAE authorities in 2021, mainland companies can hold 100% foreign ownership. However, this depends on the company’s license type and business activities.

When considering starting a business in Dubai, setting up a business In International City is an ideal choice. The area does justice to Dubai’s cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle. The location is home to almost 60k people, which makes it an ideal place to target a significant audience. Affordable rents and lifestyle make it the best area to reside and work. 

The International City is a significant area. The area also has incorporated numerous food, retail, and beverage outlets. The luxury of living in the International City has also attracted several investors like corporation companies, retail giants, and developers of real estate.

Dubai International City Map

You can locate Dubai International City in the Al Warsan neighborhood of Dubai, opposite the central fruits and vegetables market. The district of this city has continuous patterns of clusters. The nation’s famous infrastructure influences the design of these clusters. All these clusters are located around the Central Business District and in the forbidden city of Beijing.

Because the area is so famous in Dubai,  it stays crowded and can easily attract traffic. However, the crowded area is a significant advantage for businesses in Mainland International City because it allows you to target a vast number of target audience. 

The area is near the major location of Dubai. In case of low traffic, you can reach the International Airport of Dubai in almost twenty minutes. Similarly, you can also visit Burj Khalifa in 30 minutes, Dubai Mall in 20 minutes, and Emirates Mall in 25 minutes. It means that you can reach the most popular areas of Dubai in approximately 30 minutes. In addition, your target audience can reach your business within the same time frame.

trading company in dubai

Benefits of starting a business in International City

  • Dubai International City presents numerous employment opportunities spanning various industries.  The region’s multicultural community and global ambiance boost numerous job opportunities tailored to accumulate numerous skills and people’s interests.
  • The Dubai International City has a freehold development. In addition,  expat investors can purchase a shop to start their business.
  • The rent rates in Dubai International City are low compared to other areas in Dubai. The lower rent rates make setting up a business in this area affordableApart from shops, the rates for residential flats are also low in this area. The tenant may trust the price range being offered in these flats and begin their residential journey in this area. It means living and working will both be affordable in this area.
  • The potential return on investment (ROI) in Dubai Investment City may be influenced by numerous factors, like location within the area, market conditions, property types, and more.  It is crucial to consider these elements to enjoy the higher ROI on your investment.
  • The Dubai International City might be located on the outskirts of Dubai. But the area is accessible to all the city’s key areas. The best thing about this area is its proximity to the Academic City makes it highly convenient for families with children of university students.

Types of Business License in International City

There are numerous types of business licenses you can obtain for setting up a business in Dubai International City. The following is the list of top licenses for businesses In International City:

1. Industrial license

The industrial license is issued to businesses involved in manufacturing activities that transform resources and initial products – mechanically or manually. The license covers businesses, like paper manufacturing, textile manufacturing, and metal manufacturing.

2. Commercial license

The commercial license allows you to set up a business that involves trading activities and buying and selling goods and services in  Dubai International City. This type of license covers activities, like import and exports, general store, sales, logistics, and more.

3. Professional license

The Professional licenses are issued to service providers, like artisans, and craftsmans. Medical services,  beauty salons, and more are examples of businesses that are eligible for this license.

The process of starting a business in International City

There are numerous steps included in the process of setting up a business in Dubai International City. However, it is a little complex to follow these steps for everyone without the help of Flyingcolour Business Setup. However, knowing these steps will help you to get an overview of this process.  Let us take a look at the steps for starting a business in this area:

  • When starting a business, it is crucial to determine the nature of your company. Whether you are starting a small business or a crypto business in Dubai, there are 2100 business activities to select from. All activities fall under different industries under commercial, professional, and tourist spaces. You can locate the complete activities list on the DED website. Therefore, you should initially choose the business activities you want to conduct under your business.
  • You should select the legal structures. Your company’s legal structure will determine how your business conducts legal operations and handle assets and resources.
  • The next step is to gather the required documents and submit your application with the required documents to the relevant authorities.
  • After submitting the documents and application, you should pay the necessary fees to the relevant authorities
  • After paying the fees, you should pick a unique name for your business. However, you should ensure that you did not violate the rules for the company’s name selection.
  • After reviewing your application, you will get final approvals and a business license to operate your business in Tcom International City.

Why Choose Us?

Starting a business in Tcom International City is considered a streamlined process. However, the easier process might be complicated for beginners or foreigners. Flyingcolour Business Setup can help you convert the complexity of setting up a business into a straightforward process. We can guide you through the whole process of starting up a business in this area.




Setting up a business in the UAE can be an overwhelming experience for the uninitiated but we can make this job truly easy for you. Talk to our expert consultants for free & decide the best course of action for yourself, today.

Flyingcolour® assists in all types of company registrations in the United Arab Emirates. We assist in Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore company registrations in all Emirates of the UAE and also assist in opening bank accounts with all local leading banks. We closely work with all Government Departments and banks.

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