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Mainland Company Formation In UAE With Department Of Economic Development DED

Dubai Mainland Business Setup

The DED license allows Dubai business beginners to perform online business through social networking accounts. The DED license is intended to direct traders in the right direction as they venture into the business realm. Dubai Market aims to govern and improve the ease of doing business electronically through the DED license.

When it comes to mainland company formations Dubai, UAE & business setup in Dubai, you are certain to need trusted businessman service, and we are here to provide that, too, adapted to Dubai’s cutting-edge business atmosphere. As Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, we have the solutions for establishing a company in Dubai. Business abounds in Dubai without a doubt. Establishing a business in Dubai is easier with our business setup company. UAE’s developed economy and business environment can accommodate prevailing international standards due to a combination of infrastructure and services.

More than 200 different nationalities live in the country, making it a leading global business hub. It has intensified its efforts to make Dubai a business-friendly destination by integrating IT applications and training state officials on how to use smart digital technology to handle Government departments. Featuring an intuitive interface, these systems facilitate online navigation.
A successful business setup system has been established in Dubai, where each business activity is associated with specific approval from designated departments like the DED license, Municipality, Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Health Authority, MOH, KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), etc.

UAE Mainland Business setup Dubai | DED license

Benefits for Dubai Mainland Company Formation

  • Public buses, metro, taxi companies, Uber, Careem, and well-defined roads and bridges are used for internal transportation.
  • A reliable law and order system. The UAE has a wide range of law firms that provide legal assistance to businesses.
  • Modern telecommunications.
  • High-quality and strictly regulated healthcare hospitals and clinics with a health insurance requirement for all residents.
  • The best international exhibition and conference venues.
  • UAE’s growth is driven by UAE’s partnerships with multinational financial institutions and renowned auditing companies.
  • Offering high-quality offices and housing. Facilities include Old Dubai desire, Bur Dubai, Business Bay, DIFC, Sheikh Zayed road, Downtown, Dubai Media City, Emirates Hills, Meydan, Dubai South, Dubai Land, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah.
  • Multicultural talent pool and easy recruitment procedures.
  • Reliable power, utility services.
  • World-class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops, and Cosmopolitan lifestyle.
  • Sophisticated ports, airports, and logistics infrastructure to support high-volume trading export and import activities.
  • Expo 2021 has also added a significant increase in business activities, creating an infrastructure to support the inflow of millions of visitors, creating a lot of opportunities for companies to establish themselves in Dubai – UAE.
  • World-class tourist attractions in Dubai include the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, water parks, desert safaris, big malls, the Gold Souq, Bollywood park, Global village, fine dining restaurants, and world-renowned nightclubs.
  • Hotel, tourism, restaurant, car rental, and other hospitality businesses have endless business opportunities.

We offer consultation services for forming mainland companies in Dubai, which can assist clients in developing a business plan and deciding the type of company they want to form based on their license activity.

Companies or individuals wishing to conduct business in the mainland of any emirate, i.e., that part of the emirate that is not within its free zones, must submit their license request directly to the Department of Economic Development of that emirate. There are a wide range of Free Zones in the UAE, most of which are located in Dubai. Foreign companies are allowed to establish wholly-owned branches in each of these Free Zones, which are exempt from the requirement to appoint a local agent. The laws, rules and regulations of each Free Zone fall outside the scope of UAE law, therefore the ownership of equity does not require the participation of UAE nationals.

DED License

Mainland Business Setup In Uae – Documents Required

Ded License | Dubai Mainland business setup

Registration, licensing, and proof of domain name reservation.

ded license | photocopy

Photocopy of applicant’s passport (along with residence permit or visa details for non-GCC nationals).

Ded license | Photocopy of applicant's naturalization

Photocopy of applicant’s naturalization identification for UAE citizens only.

ded license | No-objection letter

No-objection letter from the applicant’s current sponsor for non-GCC nationals.

ded license|Photocopy of the director’s passport

Photocopy of the director’s passport, and no-objection letter from the director’s current sponsor.

DED license | Permission from the court

Permission from the court to practice business, for applicants under 21 years.

DED License | Approval from government

Approval is issued by other Government authorities according to the type of activity.

DED License | corporate entity in UAE

The Company’s Board of Directors resolution to subscribe to the new company if the partner is an existing corporate entity in UAE or abroad.

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai Requiring Special Approval

Certain business activities will need to solicit special approval from the authorities for their formation.

Educational Services

Travel & Tourism

Monetary Exchange

Engineering Consultancy

Companies operating in Trakhees



UAE’s top-ranked emirate, Dubai, is rapidly developing and growing. The nation’s advanced technology and resources, along with its enviable rules and benefits, make it the best business hub in the world. In Dubai, business owners can easily and effectively establish a company. Below are some locations of Dubai Mainland:
  • Hosting, consultancy, retail, and other services are provided through Business Bay. All of these services are available within the business bay. The Business Bay area of Dubai has several centers for establishing companies and companies.
  • Dubai’s lifeline and centre is Sheikh Zayed Road. It is the longest road in the emirate and has numerous business establishments. In the UAE, it is a highway that links and connects Abu Dhabi Emirate with Ras Al Khaimah Emirate.

  • Dubai’s Jumeirah is the sea-front and coastal residential area. It is divided into three areas numbered Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, and Jumeirah 3. Many residential complexes are found in this area, as well as businesses and development centers.
  • Known also as Karama, Al Karama is a neighborhood in Dubai that comprises residential buildings and places. Dubai Creek Park is nearby. For business owners who want to start a real estate business, it offers good opportunities.
  • The most historic area in Dubai is Bur Dubai. Because it is the mainland of Dubai, it is the best place to invest.
  • Bur Dubai used to be part of Deira, but now the two areas are independent and run different businesses. Also, it is one of the historic districts of Dubai. Food and restaurants are its main attractions.
  • Al Qouz is one of Dubai’s fastest growing areas. It is one of Dubai’s most developed and beautiful commercial areas. Various facilities, such as warehouses and industrial facilities, are available. The city has well-known shopping malls and entertainment centers.
  • Al Qusais is a great location for education and training. The city is home to educational and medical institutions. Despite being primarily residential, it also contains some industrial areas.
Flyingcolour® assists in all types of company registrations in United Arab Emirates. We assist in Mainland, Free zones or Offshore company registrations in all Emirates of UAE. We also assist in opening bank account with all local leading banks. We closely work with all Government Departments and banks.

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