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Dubai Custom Registration

As one of the leading government departments, Dubai Custom Authority ensures the smooth flow of trade in and out of Dubai. Over the past 100 years, the customs have gone through several phases. The government keeps a close watch on Dubai’s borders, leading to a strong economic and social development. According to IMD world competitiveness center ratings, the UAE tops the list for efficient customs procedures.

Business activities need to be registered with customs authorities accordingly. Depending on their license, an entity can register for more than one service. Prior to registering, make sure the item you want to import does not fall under any banned items. The UAE regulates the import of prohibited items very strictly.

Here is the list of restricted items



Pets and Domestic animals

Must be approved,
Additionally, animal tests may be conducted


The control of the import of food items for non-commercial purposes

Medicines and Drugs

While traveling to the UAE, tourists should be cautious about bringing medicines with them. In order to avoid any such circumstances, tourists should carry their doctor’s prescription

Technical Equipment

Such as Satellite phones, Listening or recording devices, Radio transmitter, Powerful cameras/Binoculars, requires approval from Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Ones age should be above 18 years
Amount of alcohol should not exceed 4 liters
No. of Cigarettes should not exceed 400 or It value should not exceed 2000 AED and value of cigars possessed by passengers shouldn’t exceed 3000 AED.


Artwork, whether physical or electronic, should not conflict with Islamic values. One may be fined, jailed or deported if found with such items.

  • It minimizes revenue leakage by minimizing the possibility of wasting time and effort
  • Identifying risks easier
  • Due to lower interdiction rates, one can focus more on risky consignments.
  • To cope with the trade movement in Dubai, one should reorganize HR structure and hire more competent workers.
  • Technically intelligence focus to minimize physical handling of goods
  • Meet each and every client’s requirement and open to their input and views and share as much information as possible
  • Strategically sharing intelligence information so that it reaches the correct person
  • Controlling borders and coordinating with other government bodies to ensure the limit of restricted goods and protect customs laws and standards
  • Receiving data based on goods classification and documentation and using this data for strategic planning.
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