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Complete Guide To Register Free Zone Company In Free Zones Located In Fujairah

Fujairah Free Zone is one of the oldest and most sought-after free zones in the United Arab Emirates. It is situated in the Fujairah Emirates adjacent to Fujairah port. Its total access to the Arabian Gulf Ports, the Red Sea, India, and Pakistan is the factor that makes this area so demanding for investors from worldwide.

Furthermore, the Fujairah International Airport is the only airport in the eastern coastal region. Therefore, the Free Zone not just has access to the Middle East and beyond by road, however there is also access to the world’s significant shipping routes and a world-class airport.

The free zone also has branches of all petroleum companies in the region because of the convenient location of Fujairah Port with a direct exit to the Indian Ocean. Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup is among the preferred options for a company planning to operate in the Fujairah Emirate. The emirate has significant oil storage in the GCC area.

Types of Legal Entities in Fujairah Free Zones

  • Free Zone Establishment – A Free Zone Establishment, also known as FZE, in a Fujairah Free Zone is composed of a single shareholder. Both a natural person and a corporate entity (juridical person) are eligible to become a shareholder in the Fujairah Free Zone or FZE. Company setup advisors, like Flyingcolour, in this free zone, can help you to Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation in this legal entity.
  • Free zone company: A free zone company, also known as FZC, is an independent legal entity formed by a minimum of two shareholders. An individual, corporate entity or a combination of the two are people who can become shareholders in Free Zone company. A free zone company is keen on a limited liability company (LLC) having independent financial liability.
  • Branch company: A branch company is an entity whose legal entity is dependent on its parent company. Fujairah Free Zone allows foreign and local companies to open a branch office within the free zone. It is crucial to understand that branch offices are only permitted to conduct activities that match the activities of its parent company.  Flyingcolour can help you to Set Up a Company in Fujairah Free Zone.

Benefits of Set Up a Company in the Fujairah Free Zone

  • The Fujairah free zones allow foreign investors to have complete ownership of their business. This level of ownership is particularly appealing as it provides you with complete control and decision-making authority, which fosters a business environment that encourages innovation and agility.
  • There is a diverse range of license types available in these free zones, including Trading and General Trading Licenses, Alcohol Trading License, Manufacturing Licenses, Warehousing Licenses, Consultancy/Services Licenses, and Industrial Licenses.
  • Fujairah Free Zones is popular for its favorable tax policies because it offers businesses a tax-friendly environment. Companies operating under the free zone are free from corporate and personal income taxes, import and export duties, and value-added tax (VAT). This tax-friendly environment contributes to cost-saving and boosts the overall competitiveness of your business on the basis of the free zone.
  • There is no strict minimum requirement with standard share capital at AED 150,000 for registering a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or a Free Zone Company (FZC).
  • Fujairah Free Zone accommodates numerous business activities, which makes it suitable for business owners across various industries. Whether your business is in manufacturing, trading, logistics, or services, the free zone gives you the flexibility to engage in numerous economic activities. This versatility lets business people explore new markets and capitalize on emerging business trends.

Types of license for Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai

  • Trading license: The trading license to Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai is most popular and common in the Fujairah Free Zone. Furthermore, it is the easiest license that you may get as compared to other business licenses. This license is for the company that will be doing general trading activities. Import and export, logistics, tourism, and other activities are some of the activities that are covered in this license.
  • Service license: A service license in Fujairah free zones allows activities of professional service providers. Consultancy services, accounting & bookkeeping services, graphic design services, and media are some of the common service license activities permitted in Fujairah-free zones. Most of the activities in Fujairah fall under the service license category.
  • Industrial license: This type of business license is for companies that convert natural resources into finished products. Manufacturing, producing, and fabricating are some of the popular activities that fall under this license. Garment manufacturing, Plastic bottles and containers, Carpets, Pastry and sweets manufacturing, and other businesses are eligible for this license.
  • A professional license: A professional license is for people or companies who provide a service in their business. Corporate business providers, travel and tourism, electronic engineer consultancy, and more are some of the top businesses that are eligible for this license.
  • E-commerce license: This license is specially developed for businesses operating online.  The online stores, marketplaces, and digital service providers are some of the top companies that are needed to apply for this license to Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai.
  • Alcohol Trading License: This license is especially designed for those people who want to sell alcohol in bars, restaurants, and hotels. Remember, only non-muslims are eligible for this license.

Steps for Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation

  1. The first step to the Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup is to determine the type of business you will conduct in your business. Your corporation activity will help you determine the best Free Zone for your business and the type of business license that you need to apply for.
  2. The next step that you should follow is to develop a detailed business plan about your business. This will serve as a roadmap for your company to help authorities get a better understanding of what you want to do with your business and where you plan on taking it in the future.
  3. Gather required documents like passports, visas, business plans, and shareholding agreements.
  4. You should select the business name and register it with the relevant authorities.
  5. You must determine the number of visas for yourself or your staff.
  6. You must deposit the required amount in your bank for the Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai.
  7. You must submit the documents and license for your business to the relevant authorities.

Why choose us?

Flyingcolour Business Setup provides excellent suggestions to help you with Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation. Furthermore, we can guide you to the right path to set up your business in this free zone. We aim to make your journey straightforward.

Free Zones Located in Fujairah

Following is very popular free zone located in Fujairah

Fujairah Free Zone

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone


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