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Mainland Business Setup in AL Qouz Industrial Area


Mainland Company Registration With Department Of Economic Development DED Dubai

Mainland Business Setup in AL Quoz Industrial Area

Al Quoz is a Suburb of Dubai, UAE. The area is located in Western Dubai or between Al Khalil Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. The area is where industrial warehouses co-exist with contemporary art galleries, cafes, and more. 

The Mainland is divided into four areas. Al Quoz areas 1 and 2 give medium and small ventures SMEs to compromise residential areas with significant villas and large conventional houses. The same areas also have educational institutes, shopping hubs, medical centers, restaurants, and other facilities.  In contrast, Al Quoz areas 3 and 4 have the oldest producing companies. The locality additionally plays the lead role in the storage function because it provides various advantages in transport convenience and warehouse settings.  In short, all four areas of Al Quoz are ideal for setting up a business in Al Quoz Dubai.

Al Quoz is the nearest place to the Dubai International Airport and Jebel Ali Port. The area also develops a market for various merchandise centers. This area is situated near Dubai’s central parts and holds the accessibility to the main road. The Dubai Government is also creating new entrances and roadways to make this place more convenient.

Benefits of starting a business in Al Qouz

  • You can enjoy 100 percent or complete foreign ownership by opening your business in Al Qouz.
  • By opening your business in Al Quoz Mainland, you can enjoy numerous tax benefits, including 0 percent personal income tax and 0 percent corporate tax if you earn less than AED 375,000* annually.
  • You will also enjoy duty-free business in this area.
  • The operational cost of any business is lower in Al Quoz.
  • Ajman gives low-cost rented business offices and space.
  • You will also enjoy the freedom to hire a foreign or expatriate employee by business Setup in Creative Mainland in Al Quoz.
  • There is also a low freight cost in this area.
  • You can also enjoy abundant and inexpensive energy.
  • There are also exemptions from import and export duties in this area.
  • Freehold offices are available for sale or rent to Mainland Business Setup in AL Qouz Industrial Area.
  • There are also readymade factories, warehouses, and office buildings.
  • You can additionally enjoy free transfers of funds.
  • The best thing about this area is that there is no foreign exchange control.
  • Al Quoz is already well-connected, located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road. In addition, the E11 and E44 highways let car owners travel easily throughout the city and make it convenient to reach other commercial districts, like Business Bay and Downtown Dubai.

Licensing Required For Business Setup In Al Quoz Dubai


Mainland authorization is needed for businesses establishing factories and warehouses in the Al Quoz Industrial Area. businesses that apply for a commercial and industrial license must represent that a minimum of one UAE citizen owns at least 51 percent of the business’s total stock.


Al Quoz Industrial Area For Warehousing Requirements


AL Quoz Industrial Area is one of the oldest Dubai’s oldest manufacturing areas. In addition, the area is home to numerous companies and their facilities. As a result, it has become one of the most sought-after warehousing locations. It has the most conducive nature and storage space. The area is dedicated to factory Business Setup Al Quoz & DIP and labor housing. By company standards and parameters, the infrastructure created for these services is the best suite for manufacturing and storage.


Any company seeking to establish a manufacturing process should look for property to establish a factory, store any goods, and keep their employees in comfortable living conditions. This is immensely convenient for the employees because they can live and work in the same area. Save money and time on a long commute from industrial to residential area and back will benefit both businesses and employees.


 There are various kinds of warehouses with different sizes and configurations available in the Al Qouz Industrial area to let you perform Business Setup in AL Qouz Industrial Area. therefore, companies are allowed to choose a warehouse on the basis of facility and size needs. 


The area is the most famous among companies involved in manufacturing aluminum, steel, and other similar components. The availability of warehouses makes it simple for these companies to develop factories. In addition, there are many companies in this area who are dealing with vehicle repair, contracting, furniture manufacturing, and food distribution.


Steps to Business Setup in Al Quoz Dubai

Regardless of the location, Business Setup in Al Quoz Dubai can be a complicated process. However, setting up a business in this area requires you to follow the right steps. Below we have outlined just what you want to do to start a business in Al Quoz:

  • Choose what type of business you will want to operate to Business Setup in AL Qouz Industrial Area.
  • You should submit the application for a trade license along with the documents, like the Memorandum of Association, a bank reference letter, and more. Once applying for the license, you should submit the license fees required for the submission. Remember, this step is crucial to Business Setup in Creative Mainland in Al Quoz.
  • You should choose the trade or business name for your company that is not claimed by any other companies. You should ensure you did not violate any federal or regional laws.
  • You should rent or lease an office space in the Al Quoz mainland.  Remember,  there are numerous excellent ready-made office spaces available in this area.
  • Lastly, you must receive your business license a few weeks later after a few business days of submission of documents and application. Once getting the trading license, your process for Mainland Business Setup in AL Qouz Industrial Area will end.
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Why Choose Us?

It is quite difficult to perform Mainland Business Setup in AL Qouz Industrial Area because you must follow different and complex steps. Furthermore,  there are a few documents you must prepare to apply for a business license in this area. Flyingcolour can help you to set up your business in the Al Quoz industrial area. Furthermore, we can help you to give you every crucial information about the  Business Setup Al Quoz & DIP.




Setting up a business in the UAE can be an overwhelming experience for the uninitiated but we can make this job truly easy for you. Talk to our expert consultants for free & decide the best course of action for yourself, today.

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