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Benefits of Starting Your Parking Car Wash Business in Dubai


In 2020, a majority of the staggering 3,411,200 people that comprise Dubai’s population (as per ) are car users. Last year, the number of registered vehicles was 1.83 million in Dubai (as per Gulf News). Dubai is a desert city. So it is obvious that there is a huge requirement for car washing services and it is a booming sector. Even more so because according to Dubai law a person can be fined 500AED (as per if their dirty car spoils the aesthetic beauty of this stunning international city.

One can get a car wash in a petrol pump or while visiting a mall or when parked in a public parking lot. A parking car wash caters to mobile car cleaning services wherever the car is parked. This can be done manually or with specially equipped movable vehicles.

Benefits of starting your Parking Car Wash business in Dubai

The benefits of opening a parking car wash business in Dubai are:

  • As mentioned before Dubai is sandy and the occasional rain causes enough dirt and dust to cling to the car to necessitate frequent car washing. This demand makes this a lucrative business.
  • There are about 4 million cars in UAE and the rate at which vehicle ownership increases per year is about 8.2% (as per Gulf News). This huge number means there is high scope of such parking car washing services.
  • Dubai’s population comprises wealthy locals as well as a huge percentage of well-to-do ex-pats who have high disposable income and who prefer to maintain a great lifestyle. Thus they feel it easy to spend a bit to keep it that way. Parking car washing companies help them do just that.
  • Setting up a parking car washing business is not expensive. Specially equipped mobile washing vehicles and trained employees are a sure-shot way to have a thriving business in no time.
  • If the parking car wash company is formed in Dubai Mainland, it is exempted from corporate tax. The tax-free economy of Dubai attracts a lot of new businesses.
  • The business forming process is fairly simple.
  • Acquiring a single parking car wash license gives you the liberty of moving your mobile car washing equipment and operate in any parking lot in the Dubai mainland.
  • The population of Dubai is increasing and therefore a steady increase in the number of vehicles can also be expected in the future. Thus there is huge scope for parking car washing services.
  • A parking car wash provides the customer the perk of not taking out time from their busy schedule to take their car out for cleaning from established car washes. Instead, most prefer to get their car cleaned while going shopping at malls or while getting their various work done while their car is parked in any public parking lot. This preference to save time creates great opportunities for parking car wash companies in Dubai.

The above-mentioned reasons make Dubai a great place to start your parking car wash company. Forming a new business may feel daunting without guidance from a trustworthy partner. This process may be simple if assisted by an expert. Flyingcolour Business setup services have been helping clients form companies for the past 17 years. We can help you set up your new business in a hassle-free manner. Please feel free to mail your queries at or contact us at +971 4 4542366.

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