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Business Internationalization & Trade Facilitation Services for UAE Businesses


Flying Colour is happily serving the client for more than 10 years in UAE with highest customer satisfaction. We have assisted many clients in this successful journey in registering their business in UAE. But we have also faced the few clients who didn’t turn up in spite of providing them the standard government process and valid information with the competitive prices. Following are the valid reason we got

  • Less Market awareness
  • Competitive market
  • Less Networking connections
  • New Tax Rule (Very recent feedback)

Understanding the above concerns of the investors, Flyingcolour has come up with the initiative called Business Internationalization & Trade Facilitation services. The motive of the service is to help investor to understand better about the market

Following two are the core activities for opting Business Internationalization & Trade Facilitation services

1. My Market

In a very simple term, it is Feasibility study. Feasibility study is one of the important aspects for the new investor while investing in the new market. The feasibility studies cover the following

  • Market feasibility – portrays the business, the present and future market potential, rivalry, deals estimations and planned purchasers.
  • Technical feasibility – spreads out points of interest on how a decent or administration will be conveyed, which incorporates transportation, business area, innovation required, materials and work.
  • Financial feasibility – a projection of the measure of subsidizing or startup capital required what wellsprings of capital can and will be utilized, and what sort of profit can be normal for the venture.
  • Organizational feasibility – a meaning of the corporate and lawful structure of the business; this may incorporate data about the organizers, their expert foundation and the abilities they have important to get the organization off the ground and keep it operational.

But not limited to the project scope, current analysis, requirements for the project, the standard approach and the review.

2. My Partners

My Partners in simple term is connecting with people. Flyingcolour will understand the client’s requirement and accordingly we do research to locate potential traders/distributors/service providers/Government agencies/legal & tax advisor and arrange one to one meetings in your relevant industry.

Following are the Benefits of our “Business Internationalization/Trade Facilitation “Services.

  • One to one meeting with existing stake holders in same industry of yours in UAE will provide you a fair idea about existing and future prospects of business, investment required, legal or cultural difference in conducting business in UAE etc.
  • One to one meeting might generate an opportunity for you to figure out potential distributor, buyer or seller of your product from UAE.
  • Detailed market research and feasibility report will provide comprehensive report very close to reality to facilitate informed decision before investing huge capital in UAE.
  • The client can ask as many questions or doubts he wanted to check about the market/Business.
  • The client can let us know the number of meeting to be arranged and we will do it accordingly.

Flying colour will charges a nominal service fee for arranging the meetings and the meeting arrangement comes with no commitments and business deals for generating profit. This is completely arranged to help investors to get understanding about the market. (Terms & condition apply)

We are specialized and having extensive experience in following industry segments

  • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Rent A Car, Tourism companies, short-term rental
  • Real Estate – Brokerage , Development
  • Healthcare – Multispecialty clinics, hospitals
  • Educational – Training Centers, Nurseries, schools
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Any product Trading and General Trading

This blog post is written by Mr. Ananth. Feel free to call our Business Adviser today for a quality consultation relating your Business queries. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.

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