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How to Get a Food Truck License in Dubai?


Nothing can deny the profits that a food business can earn compared to any other business. There is a wide line of Food Trucks in the streets of Dubai with the theme located around the prominent locations in Dubai. The food truck business in Dubai is touching the sky and creating huge job opportunities. The business is cost-effective and with proper use of technology, it makes an appealing project.

The business of food trucks or selling street cuisine to the diverse population of Dubai. Acquiring a food truck license in Dubai isn’t easy; it requires a business plan, a central kitchen, and proper approvals to secure a food truck license in Dubai.

Benefits of Opening a  Food Truck Business in Dubai

The food truck should be big enough to prepare, cook, serve and sell food to a similar restaurant. If the location isn’t rewarding you much, you are allowed to serve in different areas and cater to different sets of people.

  • Consumers tend to eat out every day several times a week. This shows the loyalty of these consumers to their favourite food brands and tends to become regular consumers.
  • The food truck doesn’t require huge capital to start rather than starting as a restaurant which involves huge upfront costs, permits, and much more. The money you are saving can be used for promotion, marketing, hiring skilled chefs, or more.
  • The food truck business can be marketed in more than one way. The truck can be parked anywhere near the free zones as it provides the opportunity to retain more and more restaurants. 
  • The food truck should have reliable sales software that keeps the data safe and detailed information about the inventory and sales.
  • Dubai is one of the most evolving and tech-advanced cities where you are required to use solid POS and other tools.
  • You can have full ownership of the food truck business in Dubai. UAE offers a tax-free environment where saved money can be invested to market the food truck business.

Documents required for food truck license in Dubai

To obtain a food truck license in Dubai you are required to submit a few documents such as

  • Passport copy and visas.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Entry visa and stamp pages.

Steps for applying for a food truck license in Dubai

  • Start by deciding the food truck name which should be according to the rules given by the authorities.
  • Submit a detailed business plan to the concerned authorities for approval. The business plan should be submitted to the Department of Economic Development.
  • Choose the Food Truck Location for the business.
  • Obtain approval and get the food truck license.

FlyingColour Business Setup Services helps you in setting up a food truck business in Dubai. Our experts help you with the rules, specific business needs, additional seating space, business plans, creative ideas, and much more. We take care of all the business needs and help you in setting up and run in no time.

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