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Real Estate Brokerage in Dubai


Dubai is turning into the main gateway city to live, work and play, supporting its residential and commercial real estate demand. The property market in Dubai is continually advancing. Residential real estate in Dubai keeps on being fundamentally crucial for interest in the global market. The primary reasons that add to the increase in demand and popularity, expert’s trait the various drives of the government authorities and the elevated degree of pay. By far most of the purchasers are worldwide financial backers, agents of huge business networks, proprietors, and investors of driving possessions and transnational organizations.

Real estate brokerage is a smart business to reap huge revenue with little capital investment. Many real estate experts begin as agents and work for a neighbourhood brokerage team. This is an organic method to get the hang of things. Working for a neighbourhood brokerage offers security, a clientele with a history, and a team’s support. Even seasoned brokers often join a brokerage for the shared advantages and stress-free work environment. High-flying real estate professionals, however, leave the creche and are soon prepared to launch their own real estate companies.

Benefits of Starting your own Real Estate Brokerage

  • Turn Yourself into an Entrepreneur

Business possession has consistently held a glory status in our way of life. Regardless of how little the business is, an aggressive and venturesome individual can always start a business and build their group. If you offer support and have a customer base, your business is your own to the chief. Assume command over your profession, and notoriety, and send off your true capacity by claiming your own real estate brokerage company.

  • Select Your Property Rundown and Customer base

One of the demerits of working as a real estate agent inside a brokerage firm is the control over the client and property list. You might have some drive yet the organization’s customers are characterized by the proprietor. As a real estate brokerage owner, you get to conclude the properties you have practical experience in, which you will take on, and your speciality of customers to work with

  • Create Your Own Team

Many look ahead to creating their own team. By possessing the organization, you can recruit for your ideal team. Find individuals whose abilities complement each other and who construct a collaboration when they share a workspace. Assemble an in-office or remote group, and characterize your own work process adaptability in such a manner

  • Coordinate Your Commercial Partnerships

Who you work with can characterize your real estate brand. Your manufacturers and fix groups, your composition and home arranging groups, and your finishing groups will impact the look and feel of the homes you make due. You will need to construct an entire Rolodex of colleagues from land legal counsellors and contacts in the title office to the nearby best handymen and roofers.

This is your opportunity to organize your accomplice groups and go-to administrations that will shape the aftereffects of your land business

  • Create Your Own Marketing

Your ability to appeal to customers is determined by how you market. Learn about your neighbourhood and lead outreach efforts that will genuinely benefit it. You can create your own advertising and marketing strategies to attract customers. Nowadays, web marketing has the power to build or break practically any company. Learning various digital marketing strategies for real estate brokers, such as Google remarketing, is therefore essential.

How to start a Real Estate Brokerage License in Dubai?

In order to deal in properties across Dubai, the mainland real estate brokerage license issued by Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET) is required. DET is the economic department that issues mainland licenses in the emirate of Dubai. The license is renewable every year.

A real estate brokerage license is available for two brokerage activities. Below are those two with their respective activity descriptions from the DET:

  1. Real Estate Buying and Selling Brokerage

Includes firms mainly engaged in mediation between the seller and the buyer in order to complete real estate transactions and sales, whether finished or off-plan properties before the completion of the project, provided that these projects are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and have an approved escrow account, among the roles of the broker is the marketing and promotion of the properties through unified contracts and agreements approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency

  1. Leasing Property Brokerage Agents

Includes the firms which work as a connecting link between landlords and tenants regarding property lease against remuneration, their role will end up when said parties reach an agreement

In Dubai, real estate brokerage activities are regulated and controlled by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) under the Dubai Land Department.

It is important to choose the legal status of your business. Real estate brokerage is a professional activity and the license can be issued as either of below

  • Professional License
  • Commercial License

100% foreign ownership is allowed in both of the above cases.

As a professional license, the legal type can be either a Sole Establishment (single owner) or a Civil company (two or more partners). There will be a UAE national as the service agent in the license.

  • As a commercial license, the legal type shall be a Limited Liability Company (LLC) without a local service agent.
  • After licensing, a broker card issued by RERA is required to engage in brokerage which is renewable every year.
  • Apart from the license fee, there is an activity fee of AED 5000 every year for each of the brokerage activities.

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