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Setting Up a Computer Training Institute in Dubai


Dubai is considered to be UAE’s educational hub, with a huge number of private and foreign educational institutes. According to education industry leaders, demand for good educational institutes is really high and growing continuously in the GCC region. Educational organizations which offer training solutions customized as per the needs of UAE residents can expect to reap great rewards in the coming years.

Below is the activity information for setting up a computer training institute from DED:

Computer Training
Activity Code: 8549012
Activity Group: Institutes and education
License Type: Professional
Activity Description: Includes institutions primarily engaged in conducting computer training, such as computer programming, computerized business systems, computer electronics technology, computer operations and local area network management, it involves training on block chain technology, in order to enhance the skills of the IT technicians to enable the integrate said technology into the existing computer network.

To open any kind of training institute in Dubai you will first need to obtain approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The KHDA was established in 2006 to regulate Dubai’s private education sector, even though it is regulated independently for the rest of the UAE where new providers have to go through number of steps before they begin operating. KHDA has the authority to inspect schools, publicly rate them, and even hand out fines to failing providers.

Setting up a Computer training institute in Dubai

Steps to Get the Approval & License

1) Preparation of Business Plan: At the time of applying for the KHDA approval in Dubai you are required to complete a detailed registration (business) plan. This must include details of:

  • Introduction of the institute you have planned to setup and what you will be providing
  • Demonstrate demand for the type of training you are going to provide
  • Shareholder information
  • Details of staff experience with their relevant qualifications
  • Details for what kind of training services that will be provided
  • Information on the kinds of certification that will be provided
  • Details on the equipments and classrooms / training duration
  • Marketing strategy on how to get more number of students
  • Recruitment services for students
  • Undertakings that you are aware of applicable regulations
  • A list of training courses you will provide

2) Complete educational services permit form

3) Required documentation: The following are the documentation required:

  • Registration plan
  • Passport copies of all shareholders/ director/manager
  • Visa of the shareholders
  • Director/manager CV
  • Attested Qualification certificates for the manager
  • Undertaking from the manager attesting that they will manage the training institute full-time, and including the proposed working hours
  • Course list
  • List of training courses in Arabic and English
  • Certificate of capital
  • If one of the shareholders is corporate then include board resolution from mother company announcing the establishment of the institute in Dubai / certificate of good standing

4) Application Submission: Application needs to be submitted online on the KHDA e-services portal. A relevant fees as part of the application process may have to be paid at this stage.
Depending on the application the final approval can be issued in a matter of days or a longer time period depending on the operation.

Complete Process:

  • DED will issue initial approval and trade name reservation certificate once the initial clearance for the shareholder has been done
  • Dubai Civil Defense will issue the NOC after inspection of premises and floor plan of the center
  • Dubai Municipality Health & Safety Department will issue NOC after online submission of application and documents on their portal
  • Application will be submitted in the online system of KHDA along with the documents and NOCs from Dubai Civil Defense and Dubai Municipality
  • Once all these documents and NOCs are received, KHDA will issue NOC for initial approval
  • After submission of KHDA NOC and required documents, the DED will issue license
  • After employment of staff and trainers and providing all the necessary equipment, DHA will conduct final inspection after which you will be provided with approval for start of the training institute

This blog is written by Ms. Nirmala, Business Advisor at Flyingcolour Business Setup, VAT and Accounting Services, Dubai. If you have any query related to setting up a computer training institute in Dubai then feel free to call +971 4 4542366 today for a quality consultation or please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com.

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