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Why Dubai Mainland is the perfect place for forming your new Real Estate Consultancy business


Dubai’s super-fast development from a mere port to an international business and tourist hub over only a few decades is indicative of its mentality. This added with its great lifestyle, stellar infrastructure, awesome security, safety and no property tax makes this city a prime location where people would want to live forever.

Moreover, given that it is the home of over 200 nationalities that stay here for their occupation, investors in real estate find Dubai a great location to invest. The yield on real estate in Dubai is >6% which is higher than many famous international cities. These reasons makes this an optimum place for Real Estate developers and Real Estate developers and investors. Thus, it is no wonder that Real Estate consultancies have a huge business opportunity in Dubai.

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Here are few reasons why you should set-up your new real estate consultancy business in Dubai mainland:

  1. Dubai had shown a steady economic growth and a steady economic growth is one of the critical factors that need to be considered while buying a property in a country. This increases the number of property buyers and advising potential buyers is one of the activities of a real estate consultant. Thus, they are in high demand in Dubai.
  2. Dubai was the first Emirate to allow expatriates to own properties. Deciding to own a house, especially overseas is a huge decision and should not be made in a hurry. So future property buyers tend to go for multiple-viewings and to arrange the very same real estate consultancies are in significant demand.
  3. Living a hectic professional life means individuals, developers or buyers, do not get time to go through each minute step including negotiating deals of buying/ selling a property. In order to save the money and time involved in such endeavours both parties prefer to hire real estate consultants thus increasing the opportunity of such companies.
  4. Recent trend in Dubai shows that many are opting to buy properties rather than wasting their money on rent. The documentation process involved in doing so might seem daunting to first time buyers because of extensive paperwork and thus they tend to hire real estate consultants to simplify the same.
  5. The population of Dubai is growing every year which means they need a place to stay. Many investors are buying property and renting them to earn a big income. The high rental return attracts them to do so. In order to do this with ease they hire real estate consultancy companies.
  6. Many developers in Dubai like to hire real estate consultants as they have a huge list of contacts that the developers require (like contractors and renovation providers). Hence, real estate consultants get big business from not only property buyers but also sellers.
  7. Instead of looking for mortgage service providers themselves, many potential home-owners prefer turning to real estate consultants as they have contacts of the same. This enhances the scope of business for such real estate consultancy companies.

Along with these above benefits, the tax-free economy of Dubai mainland makes it the perfect location to form your real estate consultant company. The license for the same is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) with the external approval of Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

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The process of setting up a new business may be simplified with the help of an expert. Flyingcolour Business setup services has been helping clients form companies since the past 17 years. We can help you set up your new business in a hassle-free manner. Please feel free to mail your queries at or contact us at +971 4 4542366.

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