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Why Is This the Best Time to Start an Advertisement Firm in Dubai?


It is a fact worth noting that marketing is the key ingredient for a successful business setup. In a world that is being opened up to more and more people through digital as well as conventional media, the relevance of advertising is un-negligible. Advertising agencies are high in demand now as people have realized the significance of being unique and contemporary in a competitive marketplace.  Dubai, being one of the most prominent business centers in the world is a hotspot for bigger brands and agencies. The investor-friendly regulations of the city added with the rapidly developing economy has made Dubai the most sought out destination to set up commercial as well as tourism industries. The multifaceted city offers innumerable opportunities attracting millions of people daily to the mainland. With the EXPO 2020 and other numerous projects on the horizon, advertising agencies are now high in demand in the city.

Dubai is a vibrant city with innumerable attractions, both commercial and tourist. The cityscape boasts unique architectural brilliance and world-class shopping centers, offering a variety of options to advertise any product. From billboard to building wraps to flyers and brochures, the commutable infrastructure of Dubai allows maximum outreach for any product, small or large. In addition to the traditional networks of news and radio media, the city transports like taxis and buses provide maximum reach to potential customers. A few advertising options in Dubai include:

1) Billboards

2) Building Wraps

3) Bridge Banners

4) Unipoles

5) Magazine Ads

6) Newspaper Ads

7) Radio and Television Ads

8) Email Ads

9)  Flyers

10) Brochures

Anybody can open an advertising agency in Dubai after acquiring required approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Advertising firms in Dubai however are required to comply with certain standards as issued by National Media Council, such as:

  • The advertisement MUST contain the name of the advertising agency behind it.
  • Agencies should never advertise false or misleading information to their audience.
  • The advertisement must not be offensive to a person or a community and must respect people’s privacy.
  • Advertisement should be fair and impartial, and must respect the religious sentiments of their audience.

Brochures, flyers, and magazines ads are very relevant in the city, and any advertising that is compliant with the city laws receives every support from the concerned authorities. These incentives have led businesses both small and large to focus on their advertisement campaigns and now as Dubai is setting out to be the hub of every competent corporate giant in the world, the importance of advertising agencies is beyond measurable.

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Starting a business in Dubai is easy with the help of an expert who can assist you in analyzing the trend of the city and ensure compliance with updated laws and regulations. For the past 17 years, Flying Colour Business Setup has been helping clients set up their businesses in a hassle-free manner. Please feel free to mail your queries at info@flyingcolour.com or contact us at +971 4 4542366.

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