Business Setup in Meydan Free Zone
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Business Setup in Meydan Free Zone

Business Setup in Meydan Free Zone

Company Setup in Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone is an economic free zone located in Dubai’s heart in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Founded in 2009 under the Ruler’s Law 5, this free zone is among the most prestigious locations near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City and the Dubai Logistics Corridor.

The Meydan Free Zone is also near many vital commercial hubs and access to significant locations, like Dubai International Airport. This free zone is also situated near numerous commercial developments like perks, state-of-the-art infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and more, making it ideal for investors like you.

The Meydan Free Zone is a world-class destination for you if you intend to setup your business in this free zone, as it offers many options for starting a business for entrepreneurs. You can enjoy countless advantages of Dubai’s thriving economy and business-friendly environment.

If you are interested in starting your own business in the Meydan Free Zone, you should work with experts like Flyingcolour Business Setup. We will make the process of setting up your business more easier.


Benefits of starting your business in the Meydan Free Zone

  • You can get full control over your business without involving the local sponsor, as the Meydan Free Zone offers 100% foreign ownership to entrepreneurs and investors.
  • You can run your business in the Meydan Free Zone through the Flexi desk as it provides an option to start your company without enduring the physical space.
  • The Meydan Free Zone boasts modern infrastructure and top-class facilities developed to meet the demands of various businesses like yours across many industries. From advanced warehousing facilities to flexible office space, the free zone gives the essential infrastructure to support your business growth and expansion.
  • The Meydan Free Zone also promotes the paperless approach during the setup and operation of their businesses. As a component of its digital evolution, its platform is developed to streamline all your business operations to enable centralized management of company records and documents.
  • Setting up your company in the Meydan Free Zone is efficient and streamlined because of the straightforward registration process of your business and the least bureaucratic problems. It allows you to establish your company instantly and focus on growth-oriented activities.


Types of Licenses offered in the Meydan Free Zone

  • Media License: The Media License allows you to conduct activities like advertising, marketing, printing, web design, and more. This license comprises all types of media, advertising, and communication services.
  • Consultancy License: Consultancy License also known as Consultancy and Service License includes professional services like business and management consultancy, accounting, real estate consultancy, and more that rely on skills, ability, and talent. You can run consulting activities businesses like human resources, business management, and other professional services companies.
  • Commercial License: The Commercial License allows you to engage in general trading, retail services, and export and import activities. It means you can conduct businesses involved in the export & import, distribution, and trading of many types of products. You should remember that the Meydan Free Zone does not give warehousing facilities for your business in case your business is involved in the processing or physical products and materials storage.
  • Industrial License: Industrial License is designed for you if you want to conduct manufacturing, assembling, processing, and packaging activities within the free zone.
  • Service License: You can provide services to your customers with the help of a service license in the Meydan Free Zone.

Top categories of business activities you may perform in the Meydan Free Zone

  • Advertising: You can conduct advertising activities comprising specialized forms of activities, like creative arts, photography, entertainment, and other activities.
  • Financial: This is also a popular activity category in the Meydan Free Zone that includes accounting, financial services, bookkeeping, and other financial activities.
  • Education: You may also conduct business activities related to education and training in the Meydan Free Zone. These activity categories cover many tasks from pre-primary to higher education, educational support, coaching, and more.
  • Management: You can perform business activities related to the management category. This business category includes business support services, leadership consulting activities, and more.
  • Holding: This is a significantly demanding activity category that includes the activities of holding companies. This activity category attracts countless investors because of Meydan’s tax advantages and administration simplicity.
  • Construction: The construction of buildings, roads, utility projects, other civil engineering projects, industrial machinery and equipment installation, and other construction operations are all involved in this activity category.
  • Real estate: The real estate activity category includes real estate activities with leasing or owning property and activities related to real estate on a cost or agreement basis.

Documents needed to start your business in the Meydan Free Zone

  • For individuals

    • CV of shareholder or directors and manager
    • Stamped original bank reference letter plus 6-month bank statement
    • Application forms signed by the authorized signatory
    • 3-year business plan
    • Passport and visa copy of shareholders or directors, and manager
    • Name reservation with at least three name choices
    • A copy of your Emirates ID
    • An existing UAE trade license copy
    • A passport and visa copy for either the owner or manager
    • Proof of address
    • A notarized power of attorney, if you have appointed a legal representative or agent
  • For corporate

    • Letter from the shareholding company for the manager appointment
    • Board resolution requesting for the Meydan Free Zone company establishment
    • Specimen signature attachment
    • Passport copy
    • Power of attorney for manager, director as well as secretary
    • Audited financial report & company profile copy
    • 3-year business plan
    • Application forms signed by the authorized signatory
  • For the branch of a company

    • A MoA and AoA of your parent company
    • A power of attorney for your organization’s shareholders
    • Board of resolution appointing a manager or director
    • Signed registration and application forms
    • A three-year business plan
    • Name reservation with a minimum of 3 potential company names
    • Your original bank reference letter & statements for 6 months
    • Colored passports and visa copies of your business’s manager or director

Steps to set up your business in the Meydan Free Zone

Steps to set up your business in the Meydan Free Zone

  • 154 Manufacturing Units each measuring about 1,000 square feet, with its own independent Acid Room, and wash room. Each unit will also be equipped with access to central air-conditioning, gas, electricity and water supply. A Prayer room and a rest-cum-eating area for the workers will be located on the ground floor of the building. The building will have a sophisticated security and fire fighting system to give complete protection to both the tenants and the workers. The manufacturing units have been designed and will be purpose built taking into consideration the specific needs of the Jewellery industry.
  • Three Office Blocks will each consist of ground floor showrooms and two stories of office space ( 200 offices ). The showrooms range in area from 6500 square feet to 9300 square feet. The offices range in area from 740 square feet to 2300 square feet. The common areas of the office blocks and the showrooms will be equipped with security and fire alarm system. A central food court accessible to the three office blocks will be situated on the ground floor in an open court yard area with the option of foldable glass panels.
  • Visitors Retail Center consisting of a central open air courtyard surrounded by 52 retail units ranging in size from 288 square feet to 1164 square feet, a 3121 square feet coffee shop and a 2100 square feet full fledged restaurant. All retail units will be equipped with a sophisticated alarm system which will be connected to the Dubai Police Head Quarters in addition to a fire alarm system which will be connected to the Fire Brigade of the Dubai Civil Defense. The Retail Center will also have 2 floors of offices above the outlets consisting of 32 offices on each floor ranging in size from 390 square feet to 2315 square feet.
  • Underground Car Park with the ability to take about 410 cars. It will be connected to the office blocks and the retail area by staircases and elevators.
  • Above Ground Parking consisting of about 400 car bays around the buildings.



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