Business Setup In The UAE By Skilled Business Setup Consultants
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BusinessSetup in Dubai and UAE

We take pride in our team of 45 professional business setup consultants in Dubai who efficiently deliver timely and specialized services to our international clientele. We strive to serve our international clientele by providing innovative solutions, technology, support from our in-house team & our network of valued partners in all sectors.

We understand the unique needs of our customers and thus, our services are tailored to sufficiently meet and where possible, exceed our clients’ expectations. Guided by a set of values, we strive to ensure that we collaboratively work with our clients to deliver excellent services to our customers in a friendly and professional manner.

Streamline the process of business setup in the UAE with some of the services we offer:

What are the services we deliver?

  • License Incorporation for mainland companies in UAE
  • License Incorporation for offshore companies (JAFZA/RAK/AJMAN)
  • License Incorporation for free zone companies in UAE
  • PRO Services
  • Trademark Registration
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Business Centers

Growing need for commercial partnerships

In today’s world of live reviews & Google searches, it becomes mandatory to understand the power of customer feedback. Even if your prospects are bombarded by sheer advertisements, promotions & sales pitch all day long, that is not sufficient to win the trust of any prospective customer.

What these customers are actually looking for is to learn about the offered business or services from their trustworthy friends and acquaintances that vouch for the business based on their first-hand experiences. Thus, to maintain the sustainability of any business, entrepreneurs need a robust referral system to continually connect with highly qualified prospects.

Potential leads may come from recommendations of professional associates. As such, we in Flying Colour Business Setup Services encourage a program of Commercial Partnership. This program enables us and our valued professional associates to empower recommendations for each other’s services to their clients ensuring promising business growth.

Who can become our Business Associate?

Our Business Partners come from law firms, management consultancies, accounting firms, secretarial firms, auditing firm, tax agents & professionals from other related industries. Under the Commercial Partnership agreement, your organization will be entitled to our referral fees which are discounted from our retail fees. However you may invoice higher than our quoted fees to your client if you wish.

What is a referral reward?

Referral rewards will be shared from our professional service charges only and not on government fees. This includes back to back expenses & UAE national annual charges. The detailed quotation will be reviewed, compiled & quoted on the basis of the amount of work done which is discussed with our business advisors.

As a referral partner, you can choose to be billed directly with a discounted fee. You can then choose to top up & send the bill to your client. An alternative is that we send the bill to your client (as per your instructions) keeping your referral fee share which can be later transferred to you upon final settlement from your clients.

Transparent approach

For any business incorporation, time frame of the whole process till the issuance of the license will be updated to the referral partner/client at the time of initial discussion and this will be subject to government special alerts or compliance on a particular license.*Please rephrase as the sentence sounds confusing.

Referral partner will receive timely updates during the procedure & also will be informed upon successful closure.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Any information concerning either party in respective of their business or activities, which the other party acquires as a result of this appointment, shall be deemed confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of the other party. Any breach on our confidentiality agreement may attract legal action and consequences.