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10 advantages of starting a Medical Treatment facilitation Services Business in Dubai Mainland


“Health is wealth” is something we had all heard since our childhood. The age we live in had made it even more essential that we take good care of our well-being. It is a huge advantage we have over the older generations as the facilities of the world has now become more accessible. If a required medical treatment is unavailable in one’s country it may be available in some other country. This had led to the industry of medical tourism and Dubai is 16th in the world out of all destinations for medical tourism.

With the help of the Government Dubai had enhanced its healthcare system and thus have become a true hub for medical tourism. Visiting a country for medical purposes is not a smooth process and to help deal with this there is a huge market for Medical Treatment Facilitation Services providing companies in Dubai. Following are ten pros of forming a new Medical Treatment Facilitation Services business in Dubai mainland:

  1. Dubai’s health care system is comparable to many in the world. It boasts top notch international facilities with high end amenities. So many foreign patients visit Dubai for their treatment and there is a huge scope for medical treatment facilitation services here.
  2. Dubai attracts the talent of many medical professionals from around the world. This is one of the factors that lead people to select Dubai for medical purposes. To navigate through the required procedures and avail the correct medical treatment many require medical treatment facilitation services companies thus making this business highly lucrative.
  3. Dubai is famous for specialized treatments like cardiac, infertility, cosmetic, dental (to name a few). Patients who come from a country where such treatments are not available or the quality of what is available is not comparable tend to come to Dubai for their treatment or even sometimes the cost might be cheaper here.
  4. Dubai is located at a great geographic location where the east meets the west. This means that it attracts patients from countries all around. Many patients might be old and unable to go through all the organization required for such medical trips. Hence, medical treatment facilitation services have a huge market.
  5. If the healthcare system of the native country of the patient is overloaded and a patient in critical condition needs to wait for their treatment they and their family tend to go abroad for said treatment. Dubai being a central location with great healthcare system becomes an obvious choice thus increasing the business for medical facilitation services companies.
  6. Many prefer mixing leisure with their medical treatment. Dubai being one of the top tourist destination gives them just that. So many prefer spending their recovery time in Dubai. These patients prefer to let medical treatment facilitation services to handle the logistics of all such trips.
  7. Despite a great healthcare system in Dubai, sometimes residents may have to go abroad for certain specialized treatment. People tend to by-pass the trouble of arranging the whole trip by outsourcing this to medical treatment facilitation services thus enhancing their scope.
  8. If one goes to organize their medical trip to Dubai, they would have to get information, opinions and ideas about overall cost from several doctors which might take up to four weeks. Many prefer to save this crucial time by hiring medical treatment facilitation services companies who can get it done within two to three days.
  9. English is spoken everywhere in Dubai but the huge expat community that makes up the majority of Dubai’s population are from various backgrounds with different languages. It is a huge advantage for patients, who might not be well-versed in English, that they can get people in Dubai who can speak their own language. This is another factor that draws foreign patients to Dubai.
  10. Medical treatment facilitation services are still a comparatively new business sector and there currently are not many players in the field.

These amazing pros makes Dubai mainland the perfect location to form your medical treatment facilitation services company. The trade license for this is approved by Department of Economic Development (DED).

The process of setting up a new business may be simplified with the help of an expert. Flying Colour Business setup services has been helping clients form companies since the past 17 years. We can help you set up your new business in a hassle-free manner. Please feel free to mail your queries at or contact us at +971 4 4542366.

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