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6 strong reasons to invest in healthcare sector of Dubai


UAE has the most advanced healthcare infrastructure and the medical facilities are easily accessible for both UAE citizens and expatriates here. In Dubai, most of the hospitals provide the best quality healthcare services as compared to the entire Middle East.

English is the most commonly used language in all hospitals, medical centres and pharmacies; it becomes helpful for the people here to communicate in one common language.

Presently Dubai has plenty of hospitals and medical clinics in different locations with advanced facilities and services. Nowadays, people can easily find out the pharmacy in their own vicinity.

Dubai Healthcare City is a large complex of Medical Buildings which includes Medical Facilities, Institutions, Medical Research and Training Facilities. Generally, the medical expenses are higher in Dubai but almost every person has a medical card/Health Insurance which helps to claim the medical expenses from their employers or insurance companies.

6 strong reasons which attract the entrepreneurs/healthcare professionals to invest in the Healthcare sector of Dubai.


Infrastructure: The advanced infrastructure and facilities are available here to help the expatriates to invest in the healthcare sector.

Population: With a highly dense population, and multi-cultural environment, the demand for health care services will continue to increase in Dubai.

High Return: The highest quality and excellent service provided by the hospitals will bring good profits to the business and it will prove to be the most profitable venture in Dubai.

Climate: Due to the extreme temperatures, expatriates are facing many health disorders. Sunburn and dehydration are the most common health illnesses in Dubai. It calls for more number of clinics available to people in their vicinity.

Medical Insurance: – Dubai has made medical insurance compulsory for all citizens including visa holders and local UAE residents. The immigration department will not issue or renew the visa without medical insurance coverage for the employees. It will have a high impact on the health care sector in Dubai and people will not feel hesitant to visit medical facilities because they will not have to bear the medical expenses out of their hard-earned income.

Government Rules and Regulation: The Dubai Government is liberal with the healthcare sector’s regulations and it includes tax exemption for medical facilities. Dubai government has already created a friendly environment for new medical facilities which ensures an ideal place to do the healthcare business in Dubai.

Researched and compiled by Mr Sajith (Senior Business Consultant at Flying Colour Business Setup Services).
Please call +97144542366 or sajith [at] flyingcolour [dot] com for more information.

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