6 Types of License In Dubai That You Should Know About
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6 Types of License In Dubai That You Should Know About


We all know that Dubai is the most ideal location for starting a company. And because of its beneficial policies for starting a business in Dubai, it is renowned as an investment hub. In other words, overseas investors who want to start a business in the country can take advantage of a variety of government services.

There’s no doubt that establishing a business in Dubai is a challenging task that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Before starting a business, everything must be planned out, from office setup to after-sales services. The most crucial aspect, however, is getting the necessary rights and licenses to legally perform business in the country. Similarly, In Dubai, having the right business licenses is a must for all business operations.

In this blog, you’ll read about the 6 types of licenses one can have and can necessitate while starting a business in Dubai. Keep reading if this topic concerns you.

Trade license In Dubai

The Dubai Economic Department and the UAE Economic Department are well-known for issuing trade permits in Dubai. Each company needs a separate Dubai trade license depending on the nature of its business. The cost of a Dubai trade license is determined by the type of business and the Dubai trade license requested. The three most common trade licenses in Dubai are:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Professional

However, a few more Dubai trade permits are issued that is:

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Craftsmanship

Read on to know more about the above-mentioned trade license in Dubai.

6 Types of licenses available to establish  a business in Dubai

01. Commercial license

Companies that engage in any type of commercial trade activity involving goods, commodities, or services are granted commercial licenses. Commercial activity encompasses a wide range of activities, for instance:

  • Logistics
  • Automobile rental
  • The brokerage of real estate

Along with the main activity, the business can have additional activities, which should be limited to ten per license.

02. Industrial license

An industrial license is required to start production or industrial business in Dubai. With an industrial license, entrepreneurs can build and process goods using either local or imported raw materials. Here are the names of a few main manufacturing activities:

  • Food
  • Textile
  • Metals
  • Equipments and engines
  • Petroleum products
  • Paper

03. Professional license

Firms are granted professional licenses to act in a profession in which they are experienced based on their academic qualifications. Foreign investors can obtain 100% ownership of their business by obtaining a professional license. Some of the firms that’ll come under this type of License are:

  • Carpenter services
  • Medical
  • Repair related services

04. Tourism license

A trade license in Dubai is required for businesses that provide tourism services such as hotel rentals, tourist camps, cruise boat rentals, restaurants, guest homes, and travel agencies.

05. Agriculture license

Agriculture licenses are required for persons involved in activities such as crop cultivation and harvesting, pesticide and crop trading, greenhouse installation, and agricultural consulting.

06. Craftsmanship license

Individuals who work in pipework, carpentry, or electrical work, for example, must have this license. If a business hires a craftsman to work for them, they must apply for a license.

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Get ready to start a business in Dubai

Overall, starting a business in Dubai without a trade license is prohibited and can result in a huge fine. Hence, ensuring that the Dubai trade license renewal is completed on time becomes critical. This may seem complicated or time-consuming, but several companies in Dubai specialize in managing all aspects of the trade license in Dubai and its processing.

In short, partnering with professional consultants can save time and money by ensuring that the processing runs properly while the company concentrates on expanding its operations. And FlyingColour is a terrific place to start with when it comes to selecting the perfect consulting firm a business can trust.

FlyingColour provides everything you’ll need for starting a successful business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including accounting and VAT services. We are a management consulting firm that works with the government, non-government, corporate, and educational sectors to provide top-notch management consulting services.

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