Guide to Opening a Fitness Centre in Dubai: Steps and Tips
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Looking to open a fitness centre in Dubai?


Why fitness centres in Dubai Mainland?

A healthy lifestyle comes with practical physical fitness. And when you are targeting a vast client base, providing excellent service where the clients can retain a relaxing experience, they Dubai.

Dubai is one of the fast-growing cities in the world and also proves to be the hub of all business operations and tourism. In Today’s world physical fitness is an essential requirement to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness centres are a significant way in which awareness in regard to a healthy lifestyle is vastly spread. Significantly fitness centre in Dubai can be set up individually for both Women and Men. The activities are as per DED (Dubai Economic Department), as mentioned, Ladies Physical Fitness Club and Men Physical Fitness Club.

If you want to venture into starting your business, whether it be the formation of a spa or a physical fitness club, then you’ve made your selection right!

Opening up an approved fitness centre in Dubai requires the authorization of the below authorities:

  • Dubai Economic Department (DED) – Business license generation
  • General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare
  • Dubai Municipality Approval
  • Emirates Body-Building Federation

Requirements and regulations for a fitness centre:

  • The height between the floor and the ceiling must be not less than 2.30 meters
  • Dressing and locker rooms must be provided for and must be separate for Men and Women
  • The sports equipment used in the centre must be placed at an adequate distance between each
  • The floors must be made of shockproof and rubber material in places where the equipment is in business or in operation
  • Waiting areas must be constructed that allow suitable spacing
  • Indoor smoking is prohibited and signs must be placed inside the fitness centre
  • Hand washing, adequate ventilation and lighting must be provided for
  • Exercising spaces in the fitness centre must be separate for both Men and Women
  • Separate washrooms must be provided separately for Men and Women with hygienic standards
  • Female-only fitness clubs cannot hire male employees vice-versa

Hiring professionals:

  • Professionals or staff hired must possess significant qualifications and relevant experience
  • Staff engaged in providing nutritional routines to the clients must be certified by DHA (Dubai Health Authority)

Requirements to get your business license

  • Suggest suitable trade name options
  • Submit your passport copy. And if you are a resident, your copy of your visa and Emirates ID
  • Tenancy contract or the EJARI

Generating your business license:

  • Submit suitable trade names along with your documents such as a copy of your passport, visa, EID etc
  • Once the licensing process is initiated with DED (Dubai Economic Department), later to which necessary approvals from the concerned authorities must be obtained
  • Signing the MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • Along with the Tenancy contract and later once the licenses are issued from the concerned Authority. Necessary approvals need to be obtained, after which you are an approved entity to start your business in Dubai.
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