Guide to Setting up a Childcare Business in Dubai
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Setup a childcare business in Dubai


Child care centre is a necessity around the world. With both mother and father at work in so many cases, child nursery, childcare centers and nannies are stepping in to provide part time or full time services.

As the UAE continues its drive to inspire more women into the workforce, the demand has risen for a daycare enter and it’s making it easier to start a childcare business for people wishing to support working families.

Daycare is a highly structured industry and required approvals of authorities on many levels, however with the guidance and support of a business formation expert, starting your business can be quick, straightforward, and economical.

How to start a child care business in Dubai in 5 steps

Before launching a child care centre in Dubai, the most important factor to consider is that it includes a great responsibility for someone else’s child. You will be accountable for their child’s care, safety, meals, learning, and entertainment. All this requires a lot of time, dedication, patience, proactive measures and resources to succeed in the business.

Here are some points to consider before setting up the child care centre in Dubai. They are:

  • Before setting up a business, determine if it will a home-based child care facility or at a separate designated location
    • The age range of children
    • Proactive safety and security measures
    • Qualified and certified staff to take care of the children

Documents required to start a day care centre in Dubai

Once you have considered all the points, you will need to start the licensing process. The following is a list of documents required to start a child care centre in Dubai:

  • Thorough information about the entrepreneur and their educational degree certificate
    • Copy of the entrepreneur’s passports and emirati partner’s passport.
    • A police clearance certificate of the partners
    • The center’s location and design layout
    • Approval from the municipality, KHDA and the Civil Defense and Public Health confirming that all safety measures are in place

The Process

  1. Make a business plan:Drafting a business plan is the first step in launching a child care in Dubai. Your business plan must include a brief narrative of your business. Include a synopsis, business overview, and market research. It should also have a financial analysis with projections.
    2. Choose a suitable location:When starting a day care business, the location plays a very important role. Working mother and father do not want a detour to drop their children off before work. The location’s accessibility and connectivity is vital, and it must be in a prominent area with plentiful transportation options.
    3. Obtain the necessary licenses and certifications: To start a child care business in Dubai, you need a business license to do so. The easiest way to get your license is to take support of a company formation agency like Flying Colour. Our business setup experts can manage the entire application process on your behalf, including communication and obtaining approvals with all required authorities. Aside from the license, you will require certifications from Dubai Municipality, KHDA , Directorate of Civil Defense, and Public Health Department.
    4. Necessary equipment: Your child care facility will need books, toys, food, and playground equipment, among other things. If your daycare centre lacks these items, there is a high possibility that parents will select other, well-equipped centres for their children.
  2. Hire qualified staff:Daycare is definitely a people business. Parents must like and trust your staff, so take the time to complete comprehensive interviewing and background checks.

Start your daycare business in Dubai with FlyingColour

We at FlyingColour are a team of expert professionals with an experience over 18 years.Along with handling your license application, we can also assist with the opening of corporate bank accounts. Getting your business setup in Dubai is just one of our service. In addition, we provide a wide range of services, including tax preparation, corporate tax advisory , global immigration services and much more.

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