All about Product Registration in Dubai, UAE
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All about Product Registration in Dubai, UAE


UAE is the global hub for businesses and the opportunities the country offers are endless. The growth percentage in UAE is higher than in any other country in the world. UAE is the commercial hub for manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and buyers offering a myriad of goods and services for sales.

Selling is one thing and consuming is wholly different. That requires proper checks and ensures the product is secure to use and doesn’t lead to any nuances at a later stage. The product registration in Dubai is one of the regulatory practices which every business is entitled to complete to begin operations.

Why is product registration required in Dubai?

The import, export, or promotion of any product manufactured in Dubai should be registered with the concerned authority. There are several authorities involved as they thoroughly monitor the process of product registration in Dubai. The authorities involved in the process are the ministry of health, health and safety, and food departments of Dubai Municipality.

The government bodies issue the certificates after analyzing the product and clearing all the incoming shipments. Once the product registration is completed from the Dubai Municipality Product Registration then goods can be supplied all across the Emirates.

FlyingColour Business Setup Services can assist you with the whole process of product registration. Our expertise in the field pace up the process and grants you approval in no time to commence the business operations.

The main motive of product registration in Dubai is to ensure the safety and hygiene of the products. The checks are evidence it won’t harm the individual and can be supplied across the world. This helps in the maintenance of the standard and quality of the product which delivers impeccable results in the long run.

Process of Product Registration in Dubai

We have streamlined the step-by-step process to start the product registration in Dubai.

  1.     Firstly, start the company in Dubai.
  2.     Set up your business and register it with the Dubai Municipality.
  3.     Submit all required documents to pace up the process.

Products required the registration

Certain products are mandatory to be registered with the Dubai Municipality such as

  •     Cosmetics
  •     Pet food.
  •     Food products
  •     Food supplements
  •     Health products
  •     Herbal products
  •     Electronic products
  •     Sports equipment
  •     Pharmaceuticals products
  •     Detergents.

Certain products are restricted and banned that require products to go through different checks and additional approvals before they get into the market. We have made the list of products such as

  •     Alcohol
  •     Rough Diamonds
  •     Media material
  •     Nuclear Energy materials used.
  •     Gambling
  •     Certain colored things are used in beverages.
  •     E-cigarettes
  •     Nylon Fishing Nets
  •     Betel Leaves
  •     Narcotics.
  •     Chemicals.
  •     Israel goods.

Bottom Line

Register your products in the UAE with the assistance of FlyingColour Business Setup Services Dubai and multiply the profits in no time. There are higher chances of conquering the market of UAE and retaining high revenue from Dubai. The product registrations provide the selling approvals which means businesses have the global exposure to sell and earn more.


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