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The fastest growing hub in the Middle Earth UAE is the best place and highly conducive environment which provides the required support for starting the manufacturing business easily. The business activities pace up the production and manufacturing of goods with the proper industrial license to operate in the UAE.

Let’s understand the basics before we get into the depth of the manufacturing business in the UAE.

Industrial Production

The transformation of goods from one state to another by manual or mechanical intervention is industrial production. The materials could be ranging from raw materials to natural resources and change to receive the final product. In the factory, the goods are produced, stored, and packed. 

The major production is done by UAE manufacturing including 

  • Textile and Ceramic products.
  • Petroleum Products.
  • Construction Material.
  • Automobile and spare parts.
  • Packaging materials.
  • Metal Components.
  • Chemical products
  • Medicine and healthcare products
  • Electronic Equipment and appliances.
  • Plastic and Polymers.

Process of obtaining the Industrial License

Required Documents

  • Business Plan
  • Detailed application form.
  • The layout of the Production Plant.
  • Process flow chart,
  • List of required equipment and machinery
  • Copy of Passport and visa.

Process for setting up a manufacturing business in UAE

  • Do not require proof of funds or deposit capital to get started.
  • Lease a warehouse and submit for the operations.
  • Submit the documents for reviewing and licensing
  • Start hiring 10 or more workers.

Cost of setting up manufacturing business

  • The cost of retaining the license includes company registration, administration, and immigration charges 
  • The cost of leasing a warehouse depends on the size, power, location, etc.
  • Additional space is required for storing the goods. 
  • The cost is involved in visa applications for employees and their accommodation facilities.

Top Industrial Areas in the UAE

The UAE industrial areas are equipped with all the necessities that are required to operate the manufacturing business in Dubai. Here is the list of industrial areas in the UAE such as

Al Ghail

The Al Ghail Industrial zone is well-suited for large-scale businesses and heavy industries. It includes an area size of 5000 meters where you can easily develop the facility. 

Al Hulaila

Al Hulaila Industrial zone is ideal for heavy industrial manufacturing. The benefits of setting up business in the freezone company, which is close to the large bulk logistical hub, Saqr Port, and easy accessibility to the leading business centres.

Set up a manufacturing company in RAKEZ

Setting up a manufacturing business in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone is simple and offers a series of benefits. When setting up the factory you are not allowed to pay any sort of customs duties for machinery and equipment.

FlyingColour Business Setup Services experts can help you in setting up the manufacturing business from licensing to other legalities. Our business set-up experts take the hassle out and help in company incorporation, licensing legalities, and more. We also help with the necessary approvals to set up the business in the UAE.



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