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All you must know about Dubai CommerCity Freezone


Dubai Commercity is the leading freezone dedicated to e-commerce which focuses on capitalizing on the exponential boom as eCommerce and online retailer demand has been high in the last few years in the UAE. The freezone tends to provide a unique eCommerce ecosystem to the global and regional brands where they can set up and operate their business in the MENA region without any hassle.

The freezone is the joint venture between the two state-owned enterprises and Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority.

Services provided by the Dubai CommerCity

The services provided by the Dubai free zones are

  • Ecommerce Strategy consulting.
  • Ecommerce Technology platform and services.
  • Digital marketing and customer analytics.
  • Support services for eCommerce business.
  • Help in business setup and customs support.

Benefits by Commercity for New Businesses

Dubai Commerce offers a series of benefits that makes free zones the popular choice for investment by foreigners.

Strategic Location

The centralized new freezone is located near the Dubai International Airport which has excellent connectivity to the local and national highways. 

State of the Art Infrastructure

Dubai Commercity freezone provides world-class cargo and logistic services. It has a combined and refined infrastructure that provides easy access to the seaport and land that also enables the distribution and delivery of services in the best way possible. It minimizes the competition in the world of eCommerce and the cost of the supply chains.

Standard Freezone Benefits

The Dubai Commercity provides a series of benefits such as full ownership, repatriation of capital, no currency restrictions, personal and corporate tax, zero customs duty, and much more.

Direct access to Regional Markets

The Dubai Commercity provides a unique gateway for Dubai and direct access to the international economic sector. It tends to offer direct access to its eCommerce shareholders in MENA and South Asia regions.

How to set up business in DubaiCommercity freezone?

Dubai Commercity offers a comprehensive turnkey e-commerce solution that is perfectly tailored to offer the services by the industry specialist and help businesses achieve new heights. Dubai CommerCity is a significant e-commerce partner that can turn the business upside down.

To set up an eCommerce business in Dubai Commercity freezone are

  • Define the legal structure of the business. 
  • Start by deciding on trade names and also make sure you’re not using a name that is similar to any other business in the UAE.
  • For eCommerce businesses retain a license. There are various types of permits such as 
  1. Trade License
  2. Service License 
  3. Commercial License
  4. Ecommerce License

These licenses can be obtained after paying a fee. Every license is for certain activities which you can conduct in the free zones. 

  • Take initial approvals certificate to start a new business.
  • Choose the office space to set up the company in the Dubai Commercity.

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