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Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Dubai


Staff recruitment is one of the most crucial parts of any company. Recruitment in itself is a tedious process and requires time and staff to be involved in the same. Having a better focus on the main business and controlling cost are the reasons to outsource recruitment services. Outsourcing recruitment services can save a company its resources both financially and time wise. There is another benefit and that’s getting a more professional perspective that these firms carry.


Reducing costs is always a priority for any company. Apart from resource cost, the other costs involved in recruitment process include job advertisements, candidate’s background check and software used for screening the right candidate. Hence in a big organization there is a lot of cost involved in order to have a reliable recruiting procedure in place.

An important parameter to consider here is cost/hire, when company hires an outsourcing recruitment service agency it cuts down on both coat and time consumed in hiring a resource. It’s the external agency that instead uses its dedicated resources and follows a stringent procedure to appoint the most suitable candidate for a desired position.
Appointing a third party agency for recruitment reduces the need of hiring in-house HR resources and also gives stability in time of company growth when a lot of hiring in constricted amount of time is required. Such process also assures eliminations of any delays in the process and controls the budget as payment done is only for specific activities.

Many organizations have a tough time to find qualified candidates with the appropriate experience required to fill a position. Internal hiring at times faces challenges because of the restricted access that they may have to the candidates for certain skill set or other criteria like recruiting for restricted locations. In case of outsourced recruitment company has the advantage of engaging with passive candidates in order to bring effectiveness in the process of recruitment.

Whenever bulk recruitment is required in the company there is evident pressure on the human resource employees to fulfil their responsibilities towards recruitment. This affects their concentration on their major responsibilities. Such work pressure affects the productivity of the department which affects other important aspects of human resource department such as payroll, compliance and several motivation programs desirable for the employees.
However once the recruitment is outsourced there is no such hindrance in the corporate actions of the company and thus a smooth workflow can be expected. It also allows all the employees to purse their talents without any interference from the current business operations.

High attrition rate leads to many negative things in the organization. It reduces the productivity of the company, client services get affected negatively and work atmosphere gets negatively affected too. The reason for high attrition rate should have less to do with the compensation or the human resources skill to recruit but more to do with the process by which the recruitment is done. Attrition can be avoided by outsourcing through agencies that have better recruitment methods and resources for selecting ideal candidate to fill a position.

A well matched candidate with high skills has better chances of sustaining in a particular position and for longer. Once high attrition rate starts affecting a company, it’s better to opt for recruitment agency in order to save cost and time.

Professional recruitment agencies have extremely dedicated and knowledgeable resources, better recruiting methods and advanced social recruiting methods which enables them to tackle fluctuating business requirements and grown plans of the company. For smaller start-ups and companies outsourcing is the best option as their in house resources might not be able to suffice the expertise required to recruit the right candidate. It’s very important for these small organizations to recruit the right candidate who can build their company with his expertise.

An organization is known by the individuality of its employees who together form an employment brand of that particular company, such employment brand can be made only after the recruiting process is intense and each individual recruitment done is of a certain quality. If the present quality of candidates is healthy it reflects well on the company and other potential employees also get attracted to work for the company.

Recruitment agencies provide assistance to organizations in several ways which are not only cost reduction or filling positions. They actually make these organizations equipped to become better work places as well as achieve the recruitment required from them. They help SMEs to have access to the best talent in the market which would otherwise be out of their reach. Such talent in the long run helps these SMEs to grow potentially.

This blog post is written by Ms. Romaysa. Feel free to call our Business Adviser today for a quality consultation relating your Business queries. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.

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