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How to Choose Your Dubai Company Name


Choosing Your Dubai Company Name

choose company name in dubai


A company’s name is its identity when forming a new business. The right name helps it stand out among countless other start-ups and businesses.

That’s why in the high-stakes business scene in the UAE, smart investors think carefully while choosing their business name in dubai in English and Arabic names for their company. They also need to know the right procedures for trade name registration in Dubai.

When building a brand presence, having a unique name often helps in creating awareness among your target market. One of the first steps to setting up your company in the UAE is to choose a company name.


Choosing your company in Dubai, must adhere to certain norms such as:


  • The company name should not have obscene or indecent words, and should not be offending to the general public. Even the use of personal names needs to be thought of carefully.
  • The company name should not indicate ALLAH’s name nor “God” or His divine attributes including Al Qader, Al Aleem , Al Eazzaq and so on.
  • If the company name is of a person, that person must be a partner/owner in the license. For example, if a license was issued for Mohammed Al Ghamdi, the name of the business may not bear the name of any other person other than Mohammed Al Ghamdi.
  • Family names should not be used as a trade name unless it includes the first name. Example, Ahmed al Ghamdi cannot have “Al Ghamdi Contracting” unless he changes it to “Ahmed al Ghamdi Contracting.”
  • Names should be written as is and not translated. For example: if the Arabic name is (الصقر للمقاولات) it must be written as (al Saqer contracting).
  • The company name should not be of a country nor government name.
  • The business activity should be reflected in the business name; example you cannot have (A B C) as a trade name for contracting license it should be (A B C Contracting).
  • The company name should not be nor indicate any of the restricted names such as global political organizations, religious sectarian (i.e. FBI, Mafia, etc.).
  • The company name should not include punctuation marks (. ,) or special characters (/).
  • DED reserves the right to charge retroactively for incorrect names chosen in prior years.
  • DED has the right to cancel or change a business name if an existing trade name has been found similar to another name.
  • The company name should not be the same name in one of the brands active in the Emirate of Dubai or government projects or brand names (i.e. Kentucky, Emaar).
  • The company name cannot start with “international” “middle east” “global” etc., nor can it be translated.

Charges For Trade Names


Normal Trade Name Or Arabic Trade Name:

Trade Name does not include any words requiring additional fees.
Fee: No Additional Fees.

Non-Arabic Trade Name:

The Trade Name includes an abbreviation (e.g. A.L. Trading).
Fee: AED 2000.

Plus additional charges if it is words like “East, West, and International”

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This article is written by Senior Business Consultant, Mr. Bisharat.


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