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Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Software Design Business in Dubai: Is it worth it?


From online stores to eateries, all businesses nowadays depend on computer systems to conduct business efficiently. Many firms, however, do not have the appropriate resources to effectively design and implement the systems or software they need. When faced with such challenges, organizations often turn to software designers for their expertise.

Firms specialized in the designing of computer systems & software play a key role in helping businesses across industries to meet the growing demand for unique, out-of-the-box technology solutions. The designers, apart from designing, are also engaged in evaluating, implementing, testing, and launching software solutions and applications that run on smartphones and mobile devices. Additionally, they help to uncover hidden issues that often prevent companies from reaching their full potential and assist them in making a maximum brand impact.

Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Software Design Business in Dubai Is it worth itThe business hub Dubai is in need of system & software designers

Dubai is known for many things, including its rich culture, high-rising architecture, and wonderful landscapes. It comes as no surprise that the city is also home to numerous innovative and robust businesses. Here’s why Dubai is the preferred place for starting a software designing business.

  • Software designers are an important asset
    Companies face many challenges when it comes to computer system designing. It requires highly qualified designers who can confidently handle design jobs to help companies attain efficiency. Software designers have an unprecedented impact on companies, which is why they are often considered the most strategic asset of a company.
  • There’s a drought of software developers in the industry.
    More and more firms are on the lookout for software developers, and not enough people to fill the role. Following this trend, the shortage is likely to continue for years. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the demand for software developers is estimated to grow by 22% by 2029.
  • Dubai is undergoing a fast-track digital evolution.
    Dubai is embracing all the aspects of the evolving digital phase, such as artificial intelligence and digital infrastructure. The city houses the most innovative firms. Through this, software designers enjoy lucrative growth opportunities.
  • Software designing has a broad scope to explore.
    Designers aren’t just relevant in software development companies. Their demand is growing in any industry that needs skilled individuals to develop digital applications. With the digital transformation companies are undergoing, this growth in demand extends to the healthcare, education, and financial service sectors, to name a few.
  • Dubai has become home to thousands of start-ups.
    Another fact worth mentioning is that Dubai is a rich breeding ground for new start-ups from all verticals. According to The National, around USD 900 million was invested in 386 Middle Eastern start-ups in the MENA region in 2018, and the numbers are growing every day.

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