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Do you really need a Business Setup Expert?


Setting up a new company could be daunting for the new entrepreneurs and without the guidance of an experience professional, the whole process can become intimidating. The business operations can get started once the company gets its license, however, getting a license is a process that involves various layers of submitting documents and managing paperwork, taking approvals and dealing with various Government entities and various jurisdictions. These are the set of tasks which are performed by the business setup consultants in Dubai to save you the time, money and the trouble.

Evaluating Business Set Up Cost

The most general question being asked by people before starting their business is how much will be the cost of entire company formation in Dubai process? There can never be any fixed cost, as it totally depends upon the chosen business activity, number of activities, jurisdiction, number of visas required, and several other aspects. Since there are various jurisdictions available in various zones an expert business setup advisor helps you choose the most cost-effective option among those by doing complete analysis of your requirements considering your current and future business needs. As a new entrepreneur, it becomes difficult for a person to do a proper analysis of UAE’s market.

Choose the right Jurisdiction

Deciding on a jurisdiction is one of the most essential decisions an entrepreneur has to make in initial stages of the business which determines the future of their business. Consequently, one should select the jurisdiction with precaution. Out of Mainland, Free Zone, and offshore Jurisdiction one can choose the most suitable one depending upon the target audience and the market reach.

Obtaining Licenses

A business setup consultants in Dubai takes off all the official procedure, complicated paperwork, and governmental approvals required to obtain a business license. The new ever already formed companies choose to go to business setup advisors for a company setup or expansion as they carry out the entire setup or expansion process on your behalf.

Providing Bank Accounts Opening Assistance

For a new setup business getting a license is not enough, the next major step in the process is to open a corporate bank account. Companies need to submit an extensive list of documents, in order to open a bank account. We at FlyingColour can make the entire process of opening a bank account convenient for you. Our in-house team will liaise with banks on your behalf. We deal with all the leading banks in the UAE, Europe, Singapore, Mauritius and many other offshore countries.

Office Space and Visas

FlyingColour Business Setup also helps companies with obtaining their employee and investor visas, medical fitness certificates, and Emirates ID. Additionally, we also offer that offers tax and accounting services, facilitating in getting office spaces, helping global business setup in UK, US, Europe, Canada and Real Estate Brokerage services in ready/off-plan properties.

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