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Ecommerce Opportunities in UAE and Available Support System for IT


E-Commerce is one of the most trending business opportunities now-a-days. When it comes to purchasing an item electronically most people like to compare the cost and specifications of the item available from various brands online before purchasing it. Instead of roaming around in search of clothes, accessories and makeup products, ladies like to compare variety of options that are available online and then go ahead and purchase. Even the things that are hard to find physically in shops now have been made available easily by E-commerce at your door step. Sometimes the local stores may be out of stock but the product is easily available online in just one click.

Trending Online Businesses in UAE

Online Grocery Store

Instead of spending their valuable time for grocery shopping, people prefer ordering online and getting it delivered at their door step. Because of Covid, people avoid taking their family and kids out for buying grocery or visiting local stores. So instead people prefer to order online to get their day-to-day stuffs.

Online Kids Toy and Gadgets Trading

There are wide ranges of toys available online for kids. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy online. Online we can compare the costings with different brands and suppliers and we can also check the product reviews given by those who have purchased it.

Online Garments

Variety of Ladies, Gents and Kids garments are available online. We can analyze and purchase products from all over the world. Plenty of options are available online. Almost all the brands have their online presence. Huge numbers of varieties are present for individual’s cloth preference. From latest fashion to customized options all are available online.

Online Handloom

When it comes to home décor- bedsheets, comforter, curtains, blankets are the most essential part. There are many companies running great offers with plenty of options online. There are many brands having exclusive handloom selling websites.

Online Bakery

The concept of bakery has evolved with time. For all the occasions whether it’s office-related or personal functions, custom made cakes and cupcakes are highly in demand.

For almost all occasions cake and bakery products have become a mandate part, whether it’s target achievement, promotion, Birthdays or Anniversaries etc.

The bakeries are not limited to a specific area now. They receive orders from the entire city.

Online flowers and gifts

For people living far from family and loved ones, online flowers and gift delivering systems has made their occasions more special. No matter which country you are in, you can send flowers and gifts using online platforms.

Even the corporate companies send gifts online to their international as well as the local clients.

Online Kitchen equipment trading

One can search for the latest technology machines available in their budget. They can check the cost. This makes life easy as one can know the actual price of the product and easy to compare.

Online Furniture Trading

Now almost all big brands have their presence online when it comes to furniture shopping for shops, offices, restaurants, hotels or for personal use. Everyone looks for latest trends online then compare the product with other brands.

Online Stationary items

All stationary products from office supplies to reading materials are available online. When it comes to bulk buying online one can find plenty of offers.

And mostly all the online stores have exchange policy in case a person is not satisfied the product they can ask for a refund or exchange.

Ecommerce Opportunities in UAE and available support system for it

Things to be considered before starting the online business in UAE

  1. Purchase – First of all one has to find multiple suppliers and check the price each one is offering. The lower the price you manage to purchase the product the better is the price you can offer to your customers plus you can have a good profit margin.
  2. Storage/warehouse – The storage should be well planned. Proper inventory has to be maintained. As the first come should be first out. This result in quality product delivery with less damage.
  3. Website Designing – As the website is going to generate revenue, it must be updated and managed by professionals. Need to consider the cost for website designing. Easy to use and descriptive.
  4. Payment Gateway – A very crucial part of an online store. Your payment gateway should be easy-to-use.
  5. Staffing – Proper staffing is important as poor staffing may result in confusion and low quality service. As for all the industries good quality service is the key to success and for proper execution proper staffing has to be made as one or two cannot manage everything. The options are to hire in own company or outsourcing the services. For example – outsourcing delivery service or warehouse storage and inventory management.
  6. Delivery Vehicle – If planning to deliver by self-one has to invest on company vehicle. Mny platforms also outsource this.
  7. Packaging – To make sure the product is delivered in good condition to the end users it has to be packed well. Not only in terms of quality product. The product must also look attractive as attractive packaging helps in improving customer satisfaction.
  8. Marketing/Branding – Get professionals handle your online presence by search engine optimizing. Initially one can start with Social Media advertising, Google adverts, Print Media, Radio advertisements, Pamphlet Distribution, and loyalty programs.
  9. Follow-Ups – Keep a proper record of your client data base. Get in touch with your client in short intervals by sending promotional messages. Sending occasional greetings etc. This helps in staying live in the customers mind. So when they feel like buying something they will think of you and search for your website.
  10. Get testimonies and reviews from happy customers- For online business majority of people look for reviews and it gets popular by word of mouth. More the happy customers more fast this company will grow. So try to get good rating online and also try to display the video or written testimonies of your client with your product.

This blog is written by Ms. Smita Thomas, Business Advisor at Flyingcolour Business Setup, VAT and Accounting Services, Dubai. If you need any assistance related to getting an e-commerce license in UAE or looking for any kind of business related consultation then feel free to call +971 4 4542366 today for a quality consultation or please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com.

*Please Note: This article was published on 5th October, 2020. The information provided in the article is based on the policies and rules applicable at the time of writing it. Talk to one of our consultants for any recent update or change.

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