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Everything you need to know about Dubai visas


UAE receives a large number of visa applications from visitors, employees, and travelers have been received all the time as Dubai is becoming one of the popular tourist destinations and business hubs. Depending on the application and benefits the UAE government tends to issue a series of permits and visas.

The UAE Government has recently levied restrictions on visas to attract more investors, entrepreneurs, or people to live in Dubai. 

Here is the list of different types of Dubai Visas

Dubai Tourist Visa

Tourist visas allow visitors from all around the world to visit Dubai for 30-90 days for pleasure, business, and tourism. Depending on the application are valid for single and multiple entries. The Tourist visa who are not qualified for visas on arrival and visa-free entrance to the UAE. 

The person must be 18 years old and should be older enough to get a Dubai Tourist Visa. Female travelers aged 18 are not eligible for a tourist visa.

A tourist visa in Dubai can be extended twice or in 30 days without leaving the country and renewals cost around AED600. If you are in the country extending your stay it’s better to take assistance from the experts at Flying Colour Business Setup Service in the renewal process. 

Student Visa in Dubai

The student visa is valid for those who want to pursue higher education in Dubai. To obtain a Dubai student visa the candidate should follow the certain requirements such as

  1. The student should be 18 years old.
  2. Pass the medical examination.
  3. Have a visa sponsorship from a university, relatives, or parents.
  4. The student must have authorization from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.
  5. Dubai student visas are valid for one year and can be renewed for the same period after receiving proof of continuous study.

Residency visa in Dubai

A residency visa in Dubai is required for anyone who wants to work lawfully in Dubai. Certain work visa requirements sponsor is required to handle such as 

  1. The medical examination.
  2. The attested copies of all the educational certificates.
  3. Recent photographs.
  4. Passport copies.

Golden Visa

If you wish to stay in the UAE for the long term then acquire a Golden Visa. It allows the person to stay in Dubai for a period of five or ten years.

List of people who are eligible to obtain the golden visa in Dubai

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Skilled Individuals, Doctors, Researchers, Innovators, Scientists, and more.
  • Doctors and Physicians in UAE.
  • Ph.D. holders, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data (Big Data), Epidemiology (Epidemiology), and Virology (Virology) expert.
  • Top UAE high school graduates and their families.

Regardless of what visa you are opting for in Dubai to settle down. Our team of experts at FlyingColour Business Setup Services helps you with the immigration process, documentation, and more without any hassle. We make the transition to UAE easier and more exciting. We also help you take your family with you to the UAE within no time. 


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