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How to Get a General Trading License in Sharjah?


General Trading License in Sharjah

Sharjah is among the third-largest emirates in the UAE. This emirate demonstrates itself as an opportunity for business to get a wealth of success. If you are desperate to start a business in Sharjah, then you should get a general trading license in Sharjah.

Remember, a trading license is a legal permit that allows a person or company to conduct a business activity in Sharjah. You cannot begin your own business with this legal permit in Sharjah.

If you do not know how to get a Sharjah trading license, then you have to invest some time in this article. In this article, we are going to reveal an in-depth guide that will help you to get a trading license in Sharjah. Furthermore, we will disclose some necessary information that you need to get your trading license.

Benefits of starting a business in Sharjah

The whole UAE has the potential to provide you with numerous benefits for conducting a business. However, Sharjah individually provides you with a vast number of advantages to start a business in Sharjah. Let us take a look at the top benefits that you can get by starting a business in Sharjah:

  • There is no restriction on the number of visas and business activities.
  • Businesses and companies are also allowed to conduct financial transactions in an efficient manner.
  • Venture within emirates are allowed to allocate valuable time and resources to the business itself instead of preparing for audits.
  • Businesses with Sharjah will have the potential to step into the world of a larger market that primarily includes expatriate residents who more than wish to spend their disposable income on the products or services of your business.
  • Sharjah promotes policies that are business-friendly. These policies allow new businesses to function or operate without a mandatory capital requirement.

Types of trading license Sharjah

There are numerous types of licenses that you can obtain in Sharjah. Let us take a look at the top types of general trading licenses in Sharjah:

  • Industrial license: An industrial license is helpful for companies or businesses who wish to conduct manufacturing and industrial activities. This license is perfect for businesses that perform production, packaging of products, and more.
  •  Commercial license: A commercial license is suitable for a business or company that is involved in trading activities, like importing, exporting, and selling goods or products.
  • Professional license: A professional license is best for businesses or companies that are dedicated to providing professional services, including accounting services,  consulting services, and more.

Apart from these types of licenses, there are other types of licenses that will be issued by the authorities of Sharjah.

Cost of getting a trading license in Sharjah

The average cost of getting a general trading license ranges from AED 5000* to AED 30000*. You can expect more than AED 30000* because there are numerous factors that affect the exact cost of obtaining a trading license in Sharjah.

You can also consult Flying Colour to get the exact details about getting a trading license in Sharjah. Moreover, we can help you to complete set up your business in the emirates of Sharjah.

Steps to get a trading license in Sharjah

Obtaining a Sharjah trading license is among the most significant steps that you should take while starting your business in Sharjah. A single mistake in obtaining a license can lead to the dismissal of license approval. Below are the top steps to get Sharjah trading license:

➡️Determine your business activities

Determining your business activities is the first step that you should follow to get your Sharjah trading license. You are only allowed to assign a maximum of 10 activities for a single trading license in Sharjah. Remember, you will have an opportunity to choose your activities from the list of trade license’s in Sharjah.

➡️Select your business legal structure

After identifying the activities of the business, you have to choose the legal structure for your business. Partnership, LLC, sole proprietorship, and are the most common types of legal structures.

➡️Decide on your business name

After selecting a legal structure for your business, you should choose a business or trade name. It would be best to select a unique business name that another company has not ever registered in the UAE. You should also ensure that your business name is easy to remember.

➡️Apply for initial approval

After deciding on the name, activities, and legal structure of your business, you should get initial approval from the Sharjah Economic Development Department or SEDD. You can get the initial approval, whether from the online portal or in person.

➡️Get an office space.

Now, you should get a physical space for the operation of your business. You are also required to get approval from Sharjah Municipality. However, you can purchase a space at the free zone or mainland in Sharjah.

➡️Preparing documentation 

Now, you are required to prepare all the documentation, like land ownership certificate, trade name certificate, brand certificate, and more. You are also required to get approval from all relevant authorities bodies.

➡️Submit your documentation and trade license application

Once you have gathered all necessary documents, you should submit them along with the application of general trading license at the government department or other relevant department of the official.

➡️Settle the license fee

After submitting your documents and application, you are required to settle the prescribed fees to get Sharjah trading license. The fees might vary on the basis of type of business activity, legal form, and more.

➡️Obtain your trade license

Once you application will approved, you will get your trade license to conduct your business in Sharjah. Remember, you might also edit or add to information before getting approach.

How can Flying Colour help you to set up your business in Sharjah?

Indeed, you can get uncountable benefits by opening your business in Sharjah. But opening your business in Sharjah might be overwhelming because it include various complication steps. Flying Colour comes with a team of experts who can help you in setting up your business.

To learn more about trading licenses in Sharjah, book a free consultation with one of Flyingcolour team advisors, simply call +971 50 5585305 or send WhatsApp messages to +971 4 4542366. you can also drop an email to info (at) flyingcolour (dot) com.

Please note that this article has been published on 25/10/2023 in accordance with the federal policies and updates at the time of writing. For the latest info please talk to our consultant.

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