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Hiring a Maid in Dubai


Many people in UAE, especially expats, are not yet aware of the rules regarding hiring a maid in Dubai. If you are in Dubai and planning to hire a maid, help is here as we explain the process involved in hiring a maid.

Who can hire maid in Dubai?

  • A maid visa in Dubai can be sponsored by the head of the family (male in most cases). The person’s salary should not be less than AED 6000 a month or AED 5000 +accommodation.
  • There is minimum housing requirement starting from 2BHK to hire a maid in Dubai
  • Bachelors are not permitted by law to sponsor a maid.
  • If male is sponsoring the maid then wife visa required to hire a maid in Dubai
  • Maid can be sponsored only from the following countries: Indonesia, Kenya, Nepali, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

Document required for maid visa

  • If sponsor is a government employee then his salary certificate in Arabic language. In case of private employee labor contract of the sponsor is required.
  • Tenancy contract which shows minimum information of two bedroom apartment with Ejari attestation.
  • An application form, typed from authorized typing office along with sponsor’s passport photocopy, maid’s passport photocopy and min 3 passport size photos of maid.

Salary requirement of maid

Monthly salary ranges from AED 1500 to AED 3500 depending on factors like experience, references, type of tasks, etc.

How to process maid visa in Dubai

  • First step to process the maid visa is to get the application form filled-up from an authorized typist for employment entry permit.
  • Then go to General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs – Dubai(GDRFA) where you need to submit all the documents.
  • Once you receive the visa, send the original or copy to your maid. If only copy was sent, then original needs to be deposited at DNATA Visa Desk at Dubai airport or at DNRD counter.

Applying for maid residence visa in Dubai

  • Once your maid arrives in Dubai, apply for residence visa ,Emirates Id and medical fitness  report within 30 days from her arrival.
  • All newly arrived maids needs to be screened for Pregnancy, HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Leprosy & TB test.
  • Visit any branch of GDRFA and submit the residence visa application along with medical fitness report and Emirates Id stamped application. If you get sms from DHA about medical fitness result being sent to GDRFA then you can proceed directly to any GDRFA branch without collecting the medical report (as online system gets updated with the report).
  • Maid visa in Dubai is valid for 1 year and renewable every year

As a legal sponsor of your maid, you will have to apply for her UAE residence visa. It generally cost between AED 5000-AED 5500 annually. This is non refundable fee you need to pay to government. Also there is security deposit of AED 2000 which refundable after the cancellation of maid visa. You also need to take care of annual return flight ticket to home country of your maid. Also, basic living expenses like lodging, food and basic amenities needs to be taken care by you. Maids are entitled to one day off per week. Its important that you as a employer try to make a comfortable environment for your maid so that she can work in a respectful & collaborative environment.

This blog post written by Ms. Renu, Business Advisor at Flyingcolour Business Setup, Accounting and Tax Services in Dubai and across UAE. She combines her in-depth consulting expertise with years of experience towards providing the best advisory and customer satisfaction to clients. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.


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