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How to Get a License for Home-Based Business in Dubai?


The UAE Government is taking initiatives to diversify the economy from oil trade to private sectors. The business can easily adapt and follow different business opportunities from the comfort of their home. Considering the increasing number of home-based businesses as it’s one of the easiest and simplest ways of generating income.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development aims to integrate start-ups and business activities that allow online functioning or market their products or services within the Economic Department database. They have launched a trader license in Dubai and the benefits are exemplary that allow the businesses to grow.

  • Consultation to start the business. 
  • The business can benefit from bank facilities. 
  • The customer client code is provided by Dubai Customs which allows imports and exports.
  • The establishment card is allotted to the business to hire three employees.
  • The business gets provisional employment services.
  • The business can participate in a series of training workshops, exhibitions, and conferences. 

The home-based business is required to register a business in Dubai. The first and foremost thing is to acquire a legal structure for the company.

Legal Structure

The license for Home-Based Business in Dubai offers legal structures that are sole establishments available for UAE Nationals only or Limited Liability Companies for ex-pats who require a local sponsor.

Business Activity

The business can choose from 1200 business activities listed under the home business license.  The business is categorized as skilled professionals, consultants, services, and more.

Documents to open the company

To open a home-based business license following documents are required

  • Emirates ID and Partner’s Emirates ID
  • UAE Pass Account
  • Company information, investor details, address, and trade name.
  • 2 years of Tenancy Contract to DED.
  • Change of visa status to investor residency within 60 Days of License Issuance.
  • NOC from the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship if you’re employed or a housewife for ex-pats.
  • Local sponsor and approved Memorandum of Association.

What does a home-based Business License offer?

The home-based business license is also known as a trader license. It offers a series of benefits to you such as 

  1. The establishment card from the FAIC.
  2. The membership numbers in the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  3. They should have the ability to hire people as 3 work permits are available.
  4. The renewal of commercial and trade licenses for over 1000 commercial activities. 
  5. The registration of trade names.

The license for Home-Based Business in Dubai is opening doors for various homemakers and entrepreneurs who are wanting to do their business adequately. If you are confused about how to begin your business journey in Dubai it is important to understand the basics.

Start by getting a trader’s license hassle-free in UAE also can help you with business incorporation, and other legalities. FlyingColour Business Setup Services help the business get its license in no time. We take care of all the hassle and set up your business with the proper framework in UAE.

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