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How to Get an HR Consultancy License in Dubai?


Get an HR Consultancy License in Dubai

For overseas investors, obtaining an HR consultancy license in Dubai presents a profitable opportunity. Due to a lack of resources, most small and medium-sized firms in the Emirate outsource their hiring needs to HR consultancies; therefore, establishing an HR consultancy in Dubai makes financial sense. Additionally, there are several benefits to starting a business in Dubai, such as low taxes, a strong infrastructure, ease of doing business, etc. Most importantly, if you apply through company establishment consultants in Dubai, you can get the license fast.

But to start a corporation in Dubai, you must be aware of the labour and immigration rules of the nation. Additionally, investors should know about the licensing requirements and pertinent laws. In addition to the advantages, this post will inform you of the prerequisites for obtaining a license to provide HR consultation services in Dubai. 


How Can I Get a Dubai HR Consultancy License?

There are some Requirements for an HR consultancy license in Dubai. Consultants in Dubai for company formation can assist you with every stage that the DED has planned. You can obtain information on how to apply for an HR consulting license in Dubai by following the procedures listed below:

1. File for a Business Name

Obtaining approval for the proposed name of your firm is an essential step in setting up a business in Dubai. Your HR consultancy should have a name that complies with DED or other pertinent entity naming rules. Consultants in Dubai for business setup can determine the best method for your company name.

2. Select a Business Organization

The next stage is to determine the company’s structure depending on the total number of shareholders. The Limited Liability Company (LLC), Branch of a UAE Company, Branch of a Foreign Company, Sole Establishment, and others are the most common company structures in Dubai. Dubai-based company setup consultants can assist you in choosing the right legal structure for your HR consulting business.

3. Select a Site & Lease an Area

Selecting a suitable site for your business’s operations is essential. The location needs to have strong connectivity for your clients and staff to contact you. Additionally, make an effort to locate your company in an area that provides a reasonable renting structure. You need to secure a tenancy contract from your landlord and have it attested after renting office space in Dubai (Ejari). Speak with Dubai-based business setup advisors to select an office location and register the Ejari.

4. File a license application

You now have to submit the license application and any necessary supporting documentation. The following is a list of some of the paperwork needed to get a license to consult on human resources:

  • Directors’ and shareholders’ identification
  • Copies of directors’ and shareholders’ passports
  • A duplicate of the approved trade name
  • Association Memorandum (MOA)
  • The Association’s Articles (AOA)
  • The price of a UAE license for an HR consultant

What is the cost of the Dubai HR consultancy license process?

The price varies per free zone in the United Arab Emirates for getting a license to provide HR consulting services. Within AED 6,875*, you can get HR consultancy licenses. But bear in mind that when you apply for your HR consultancy license, there are additional expenses to take into account. For example, will you require space for an office? Additional visa allowances, residency visas, and your Emirates ID card will cost extra.

What are the documents required during the Procedure for an HR Consultancy License in Dubai?

The following paperwork is needed to open an HR consulting firm in Dubai:

➥ Copies of passports and visas

It is essential to have copies of all manager’s and business partners’ passports and visas to confirm their identity and immigration status. These records are required to verify the legal status and identification of the principal players in your HR consulting organization. They act as documentation that you are authorized to do business in Dubai.

➥ Passport-size photographs

Each partner or manager must provide two passport-sized photos. For formal identification and paperwork, these pictures are utilized. They make it easier for authorities and government organizations to connect the names and faces of the important players in your HR consulting. It is imperative to confirm that the photos adhere to the precise dimensions and calibre requirements established by the relevant authorities.

➥Pages for Entry Visa and Stamps

Copies of a stakeholder’s entry visas and stamp sheets are essential to verify their legal standing in the UAE. Like the rest of the UAE, Dubai is home to a diverse community of foreigners on various types of visas to live and work. It supports preserving openness and adherence to immigration regulations.

➥Extra Permissions

The specifics of your HR consulting firm may need you to obtain permission from the appropriate government agencies.


What Advantages Do HR Consultancies in Dubai Offer?

Once you obtain a license to provide HR consulting in Dubai, you will be qualified to provide all facets of human resource management. Some of the services you might offer are organizational structure design, leadership reform, and employee performance management. You may also assist businesses with employee perks and remuneration.

  • Workforce transformation is deemed necessary by 86% of HR leaders in the United Arab Emirates, per the 2019 KPMG UAE Human Resource Report. Your HR consultancy’s services can facilitate this kind of change.
  • Establishing a business in a free zone will be possible. As a result, you can own your business entirely. You can also receive a 100% return on your invested funds and earnings.
  • Better technology and equipment are essential for your HR consultant to deliver top-notch services. Dubai is one of the Emirates moving towards a technologically advanced future, which will increase the likelihood of operating a tech-driven HR consultancy business in Dubai.
  • The thriving labour market in Dubai can be advantageous for your HR consulting. The United Arab Emirates boasts a highly skilled human capital pool with diverse professional experience from around the globe.

How can Flyingcolour Business Setup help you?

One of the best go-to partners for establishing your HR consulting company in Dubai is Flyingcolour Business Setup Services. The company assists in completing the Steps to obtain an HR consultancy license in Dubai. Furthermore, Flyingcolour also provides customized company setup packages to fit your requirements if your business operations require any particular preconditions. 

To learn more about Getting an HR Consultancy License in Dubai, book a free consultation with one of the Flyingcolour team advisors, Simply call  +97144542366 or send WhatsApp messages to +971554413566. you can also drop an email to info(at)flyingcolour(dot)com.

Please note that this article was published on  09/05/2024 by the federal policies and updates at the time of writing. For the latest info please talk to our consultant.


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