How to open a Spa in Dubai?
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How to open a Spa in Dubai?


Dubai is the home to a myriad of businesses in different domains also being one of the popular tourist destinations the millions of people every year are coming. World-class brands, hotel chains, and restaurants are in Dubai which presents huge opportunities for spa owners.

Dubai has the richest people in world-leading some of the prominent companies. The highest economy is strengthening each day as people are effectively indulging in the beauty and care industry and setting up a good spa is the easiest way to relax.

The hustle and bustle of the continuously busy corporate lifestyle of Dubai with so many expats involve attending meetings, parties, and networking with the local and international crowd that requires you to look your best every time. Setting up a spa business in Dubai is quiet and profitable as clients can retain the best relaxing experience from the leading spa in Dubai. 

There are many prerequisites for setting up a spa business setup in Dubai. We are here to help you set up and get a spa license in Dubai.

Requirements for opening a spa business in Dubai

  • Place a signboard in front of the spa.
  • The spa must be divided into different areas for different activities such as manicures, pedicures, hair removal, haircut, massages, and more.
  • The distance between the floor and ceiling must not be less than 2.3 meters.
  • The spa must have a washbasin beside and inside the facial treatment areas.
  • The spa must maintain significant hygiene standards and ensure the instruments used are properly sterilized.
  • The spa must have adequate lighting that ensures a smooth spa process and does not harm the clients. 
  • The dressing chairs in the spa should meet the minimum size requirements also they should be at least 3 meters wide and 3.5 meters in length.
  • The spa must have proper water facilities in the spa and the installation of a water heater is a must.
  • Ensure all the hair-removing instruments are fireproof and don’t damage the spa.
  • There should be separate cupboards and drawers to store the cosmetics and towels.
  • The furniture should be squeaky clean and maintain the set standards defined by the government.
  • The disposal; bedsheet role is a mandate to be in the spa and covers the bed after use.
  • The use of machine spas should be approved by the Dubai Health Authority.
  • The products must be in the product safety division of the Dubai Municipality registered which is inclusive of cosmetic and other personal care products.

Process of setting up a spa business in Dubai


The business setup in Dubai is not possible without proper documentation and verification. Here is the list of documents that you need to submit to specified authorities to obtain a massage center license in Dubai,

  • Passport copy.
  • Passport-size photograph.
  • Entry visa and stamp page xerox copy.

Depending on the activities offered by the spa the list of documents changes. There are various documents involved above mentioned as the basic ones to start the process. However, our experts at FlyingColour Business Setup Services help you with the whole process from scratch and set up the business in no time.

The cost required for setup

Determining a fixed number is hard when opening a spa business in Dubai as it depends on various factors. The space, service, and other amenities that you want to introduce in your spa. The cost also differs when you decide you are setting up a spa or investing in the franchisee model can be an expensive affair. The cost for obtaining a spa license in Dubai starts at AED 6500 with the additional 5% market fees based on the market value.

Step-by-Step Process

Planning and Ideation

Every business starts with an idea which is followed by a plan for execution. The requirements are laid down on the paper which includes requirements, growth plan, floor, plan, and much more. The properly formed plan helps you in the launch and understand the whole process of opening a spa in Dubai.

Choose Name

The next involves choosing the name for the spa according to the rules laid out by the authorities in Dubai and UAE. The name should be available for registration purposes and all the rules must be followed without any issues. Get in touch with the experts at FlyingColour Business Setup service they help you with choosing the name as per the rules.

Pick the Location

The setting up of the spa can be done in the Mainland and Free zones also both of these locations come with some pros and cons. Before you decide on the location check all the factors like tax benefits, ownership rights, control, access, and more. Once you have decided, then start looking to rent the space and submit the documents.

Rent the space

The renting of the space is one of the priorities for a spa setup in Dubai. Start with registering the space and obtain the Ejari number with the tenancy contract from the relevant authorities. 

Apply for Spa License

To obtain a spa license in Dubai you need a series of permits from the Dubai Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality. Submit all the documents in your name and after the registration, approval can apply for the license.

Hire Staff

Dubai is the laborer’s den. It is quite easy to find well-trained and experienced staff for the spa business. Dubai also allows you to hire trained professionals from outside of the UAE but this requires sponsoring the employee. The staff should be empathetic towards the customer and deliver the best customer service.

FlyingColour Business Setup Services can help you with setting up a spa business in Dubai. The process is quite complex and large and requires assistance from experts at every step of the way. From choosing the name to selecting the documents for obtaining permits we are here to help you and set up your business on freezone or the mainland in no time.

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