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How to Setup a Construction Company in Dubai?


Set up a Construction Company in Dubai

Dubai is home to tourists because of its numerous attractive infrastructures. Apart from tourists, the city is additionally a hub for numerous investors looking to start a construction company in DubaiThe city offers endless opportunities for the construction business in Dubai with its impressive skyline and iconic infrastructure. 

You might be surprised to learn that Dubai continues to rank second in the construction field. With the government and private investors seemingly always looking for new and innovative construction projects, those with the skill to manage these builds are in high demand. 

If you are planning to start a Construction Business in UAE, you have landed at the right article. This article will give you an in-depth guide to construction company registration UAE.  Furthermore, we will provide you with some basic details about the construction industry in the UAE.


So, without causing more delay in constructing the path start your construction company in Dubai. Let’s get begin.

Set Up a Construction Company in Dubai

 Why Choose Dubai for starting a business?

Eye-catching landmarks, sky-scrapping, and lovely beaches are the most appealing features of Dubai.  The city attracts entrepreneurs and tourists because of its excellent infrastructure, diverse population, high GDP, high standard of living, tax-free environment, and adaptable business opportunities. Because of these factors, the city has become the top location in the world for starting a Construction Business in UAE.


The construction industry is one of the highest-grossing industries in Dubai, UAE. The Burj-al-Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as well as Marina 101, the tallest residential structure in the world, are located in Dubai. In addition, the Princess Tower and Burj-al-Arab are two more of Dubai’s most recognizable buildings.

Opportunities in the Construction Business in Dubai

As mentioned, the construction business is among the highest-grossing companies in the United Arab Emirates. The government of this city has sanctioned USD 7.8 billion to expand the Dubai International Airport. Moreover, the government has also decided on a redevelopment project worth USD 6.8 billion for the Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

Dubai’s government has also invested in developing the tourism and travel sector. The advertising activities of the world’s first human-made island i.e. Palm Jumeirah Island are additionally increasing on a daily note. Furthermore, other projects, like the Dubai Land, Arabian Canal, and others, are in progress. 


Set Up a Construction Company in Dubai

Steps to begin a building contracting company in Dubai, UAE

Before beginning a Civil Construction Company in Dubai, we recommend you to consult Flyingcolour Business Setup because we can guide you through the complete process of starting your construction business in Dubai.  However, let us take a quick look at the steps to begin your construction firm in Dubai:


1. Choose your trade name. 

You must initially decide on a name for your newly formed construction company in Dubai.  Remember, Dubai needs that company name to abide by specific rules. You are not allowed to use any vulgar or derogatory language. Furthermore, you should avoid acronyms when you consider naming your business after yourself. 

Additionally, you should ensure that no other organizations or enterprises already in existence have names that are identical to your chosen one. Given that your name must be distinct, it is a good idea to present a few alternatives in case your first choice is inaccessible. 


2. Choose the legal structure. 

After choosing and registering your business name, you should choose the legal structure for your business. Regarding legal structure, you will have two options to choose from, including Free Zone or Mainland.  We recommend seeking assistance from Flyingcolour at this stage to determine which legal structure would be best for you.


3. Submit the application

After choosing a reliable legal structure, you should apply for your license for Construction Business in UAE. If you plan to open your business, the application must be forwarded to the Department of Economic Development. However, you must submit the application to the appropriate managing authority if you want to launch your business in the Free zone.


4. Apply for additional approval. 

In the case of the mainland company, additional activities, like securing a building license from the Dubai Municipality. It is referred to as the G+1 permit. Other licenses, such as the environmental license and civil work permit, must be obtained.


5. Get the visa

You must need a residency visa to work and live in Dubai, UAE. There are again other processes to obtain the visa. However, the Flyingcolour Business setup can help you to get visas.  As the holder of a UAE visa, you may sponsor the visas of your dependants, such as children, spouses, parents, and domestic staff.


6. Hire a team

At this point, you must recruit skilled professionals and labor required for your projects. Remember, you must provide your team with proper training to ensure your team is well-equipped to handle construction tasks efficiently and safely.


7. Open a bank account.

Lastly, you will require a UAE corporate bank account before you can freely begin making and taking payments in the UAE. However,  you might have to choose the appropriate bank in the United Arab Emirates.  Flyingcolour Business Setup can help you select the best bank for Construction Business in UAE



Different Dubai Construction License Types

As mentioned before in the process of construction company registration UAE, you need a reliable license to start your construction business in Dubai. However, you must choose a reliable license for the construction company. Here is the list of top licenses for construction companies in Dubai:


  • Landscape Gardening License: This license allows businesses to develop and install landscaping features, such as gardens, lawns, and irrigation systems.
  •  Building Contracting License: This license lets the Civil Construction Company in Dubai undertake the construction of residential buildings, industrial properties, commercial construction, and office spaces.
  • Building Maintenance License: This license allows the construction company to carry out maintenance work on buildings, like electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, and painting.
  • Wrecking & Demolition License: This license allows the company to conduct demolition activities on buildings and other structures.
  • Steel Constructions Contracting License: This license lets the company construct steel structures, like bridges, warehouses, and factories.


How can Flyingcolour Business Setup help you?

Flyingcolour Business Setup provides excellent Business Setup services for people planning for construction company registration UAE. We have a team of experts who can help you set up your construction business in Dubai. Furthermore, we can help you to perform each step to set up your company in Dubai. 

To learn more about setting up a construction company in Dubai, book a free consultation with one of the Flyingcolour team advisors, Simply call  +97144542366 or send WhatsApp messages to +971554413566. you can also drop an email to info(at)flyingcolour(dot)com.

*Please note that this article was published on 10/02/2024 by the federal policies and updates at the time of writing. For the latest info please talk to our consultant


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