How To Setup A Kids Amusement Arcade In Dubai? | FlyingColour
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How To Setup A Kids Amusement Arcade In Dubai?


An Amusement arcade or video arcade is a place where kids play arcade games such as video games, Pinball machines and slot machines. Earlier the amusement park were known as “Penny Arcades” and were opened in 19th century. Penny Arcade were once popular at amusement parks and fairs. Lately it became more famous among the young people and it became a part of every mall and shopping centers these days.

Kids Arcade Detailing

Activity Code: 9321012
Activity Group: Recreation Hall
License Type: Professional
Activity Description: Includes shop and indoors or open halls equipped with facilities for entertaining children of different age categories against fixed fees.

Establishing a Kids Amusement Arcade in Mainland – DUBAI

Setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is now quicker and easier than ever, In line with the vision of The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai to help business owners launch and expand their operations without the need for lengthy processes and administration. As kids arcade license is being conducted in Dubai mainland it has to be register with Department of Economic Development (DED).
Any Business which is service based rather than trading a specific product then it is likely to be a Professional License issued from the Department of Economic Development. A professional license can be 100% foreign owned without the need of local shareholding. However, a professional license still requires a Local Service Agent (LSA), a UAE national who acts as your sponsor for residency visas.

Professional License

Professional License falls into number of activity groups, ranging from business support services, to sport training services as well as entertainment and artistic performance. As Kids Amusement Arcade falls under Professional License. A Professional License is that it has unlimited liability to the owner, As the owner of the professional license you could be liable to any debts that the company generates and creditor will potentially be able to take your personal assets in an attempt to recover their losses.


  •  File for initial approval with the Department of Economic (DED)
  •  Choose the trade name for the company
  •  Pay the registration fees
  •  Rent and office space
  •  Submit all the documents like MOA, Ejari, Agreements with the forms filled and notarized and attested for final approval from DED

Professional License may also be registered as Dubai Limited Labilities Companies.

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