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How to Setup Pest Control License in Dubai Mainland


Pest Control License Dubai

Bees, flies, mosquitoes, termites are dangerous and can be serious threat to the human health. Pest control is a booming business activity in a place like Dubai where government and residents put safety of human health as a first priority. Find below the every single details for setting up pest control license in Dubai Mainland”. The license is issued by Department of Economic Development-Dubai (DED) and fully regulated by Dubai municipality (DM). External approval required from Dubai Municipality (DM).

Process to setup control license Dubai

  1. Requires initial approval and trade name from DED
  2. Submission of docs along with location details in DM office for applying inspection
  3. DM will issue NOC in 3-5 working days after inspection
  4. With DM NOC, will proceed for notarization of MOA
  5. License issuance
  6. After license issuance, for company to operate there are 3 requirement
  7. Need to hire Engineer (act as supervisor)
  8. Need to hire minimum 2 technicians
  9. Company should have mini bus /pickup Van

Engineer requirements

  • Required to hire Engineer to act as supervisor
  • Engineer with bachelor’s degree in Agriculture/ Insect protection/ Pesticide protection/ public protection + 1 year experience in public heath pest control.
  • Valid passport copies and visa copy.
  • Officer will verify the documents, if require he will ask for certificate equivalent.
  • When all the documents are proper. Engineer / supervisor has to give exam in DM.

Dubai Municipality pest control license exams

  • Dubai municipality(DM) pest control license exams cost is AED 220.
  • Need to apply online for exam and it will be written type exam.
  • Minimum 70 marks require for passing, if failed he can reapply after 1 month.
  • Result will be out in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • After successful completion of exam, proceed with issuance of online identification card. Cost is AED 150 and time frame is 3-5 working days.
  • Supervisor is now registered in DM.

Technicians requirements

  • Required to hire minimum 2 technicians.
  • Supervisor will give training to technicians and once are well trained, need to appear for exam in DM.
  • Exam fees is 120, rest the complete process is same.

Important notes for setting up pest control business in Dubai

  • DM pest control authority will add the company names in their approved list once the above 3 requirements are fulfilled.
  • Also supervisor and technicians need to have visas from same company before starting operation.
  • License fees for DED and Chamber of commerce will be applicable.

This blog is written by Mr. Raj Hari–Chairman, Flyingcolour Business Setup, Accounting & Tax Services in Dubai and UAE a leading firm and has established long track record of high quality advisory which can be seen from its online client reviews to assist clients. This blog has been published on dated 18.07.2019 and hold the facts good standing on published date. The facts and certain might change depending on new policies announced by Government from time to time.

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