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How to Setup Special Needs Development Center


The role of Community Development Authority, Dubai is setting up and developing frameworks for social development and also gives more importance in developing the children with special needs. Some of the other aspects of Community Development Authority are as below:

  • Community Happiness
  • Volunteering & Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Learning & Innovation
  • Leadership & Teamwork

Role of CDA in Licensing:

Any center  who plan to provide  social care services, to old people, those affected by family issues of disputes, children who are temporarily/ permanently deprived of family care, young aged vulnerable to delinquency / homelessness and foundlings has to apply for this service.

Required Documents :

  1. Application form – Social Care Permit
  2. Trade name reservation certificate and copy of license application submitted to Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai.
  3. Business Proposal with complete information about the services to be provided at the facility
  4. Passport copy/ Visa page copy of Owner, CV of owner, Sponsor/ Agent, Manager
  5. Professionals list who will be providing the actual services in the center.

For certain activities which previously required the approval from Dubai Health authority previously , since 2017 those activities require the approval of CDA . Below are activities :

  1. Civil Society Organization Licensing
  2. Licensing of social Professionals
  3. Civil Society Organization Events Permit
  4. Social Care Facility permit ( Psychological Development Center) –  Both in Mainland and Free zone

Psychological Development Center:-

For activity – Psychological Development Center- until 2017 Dubai Health Authority (DHA) was the external approval authority. Since 2017 CDA has mailed to all the free zone authorities and DED that for every new license/ Existing license renewal with activity “Psychological Development center” , a permit from CDA is required for new license/ renewal/ amendment in license.

For all license holders who have obtained previously approval from Dubai Health authority now will have to deal only with CDA. Even though the center would have earlier obtained approval from DHA now they have to obtain approval from CDA. Below is the process:

  1. Apply for initial approval
  2. CDA reviews documents and provides initial approval which is valid for 6 months. Once all the professionals obtain permit from CDA, we can proceed for getting the permit which will cost AED 13,520. The process time for this is usually 7-10 working days
  3. CDA will inspect the site and after approval of inspection in site they will issue final permit.
  4. Once permit is issued it is valid for one year from the date of issuance
  5. Every year the center should pay AED 13,520 in order to renew the permit In this case initial approval cost for taking permit is AED 1,520.
  6. The above process is applicable for obtaining new license/ making amendment in license

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