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How to Start a Dental Clinic in Dubai?


Start a Dental Clinic in Dubai

Are you thinking of opening a dental clinic in Dubai? The procedure can be complex as you have to obtain many approvals and licenses. But once your clinic becomes popular then the investment will be rewarding. The city of Dubai is sincere when it comes to quality healthcare facilities. However, opening a dental place in Dubai has enough scope, given the rising population of over 9 million in the cities. 

The Dubai Health Authority is investing heavily in new technologies for the dental sector. With the right planning, skill sets, and arrangements, You can start a dental clinic in the UAE. You can also team up with the Flyingcolour Business Setup Services and get guidance from the best professionals in the field. 


Benefits of Opening a Dental Clinic in Dubai

dental clinic in dubai

In the last few years, the Dubai health authorities have issued more than 200+ licenses for dental clinics. Due to its top-class arrangement in dental services, health professionals across the world are considering Dubai to showcase their dentistry skills with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. Here are some reasons why Dental clinic establishment in Dubaiis rewarding: 


  • The city has over 10 lakh people across all age groups. Most of them are conscious of their oral hygiene. It indicates that your dental clinic has a huge target number of patients.
  • The rising population in proportion to dental professionals is not fairly served in the Emirates. So, opening a clinic in Dubai will always be demanding. 
  • By 2025, the demand for healthcare services in Dubai will spike by 156%, according to expert reports. 
  • Dental treatments in the UAE are expensive. That is, a simple root canal treatment will charge patients over AED 5,000*, which means you can easily cross the break-even point within a few months. 
  • The dental professionals in Dubai are respected highly. UAE is a popular destination among celebrities internationally for cosmetic dentistry procedures. Medical tourism is common among Asian, African, and European Nations mostly. 


Moreover, the demand for dental services and procedures, such as installing veneers and therapeutic reconstruction of dentures, has been multifold. So, in the next five to ten years, setting up a dental clinic in Dubai will be a profitable experience. 


Types of Dental Services in Dubai 

 For your dental clinic establishment in Dubai, you can focus on specialized services such as: 

  •     General Dentist is associated with X-rays, Gum care, teeth cleansing, filling, whitening procedures, advice related to preventive measures, etc. 
  •     Orthodontist, who corrects or prevents teeth problems like underbites, jaw alignment, missing, extra, or crowded teeth situations. 
  •     Endodontist who performs procedures related to root canal treatment, cavity filling, capping, etc. 
  •     Periodontists treat periodontitis, which is a condition related to gum and bone, gum diseases, or gingivitis. They can also re-contour tissues and perform minor surgeries. 
  •     Pediatric Dentists manage missing and decayed teeth in children. 
  •     Dental Implant Specialists are experts in dental implants which is the insertion of prosthetics in the patient’s jawbone. 
  •     Prosthodontists are specialists in fixing bridges, porcelain veneers, and replacement of teeth using dentures and implants in case of extracted teeth. 
  •     Cosmetic Dentistry is concerned about the aesthetic part of your teeth. Within cosmetic dentistry services like cosmetic teeth shaping, whitening of teeth, carbon post, teeth bonding, etc are involved. 

Therefore, in contrast to the popular perception that general dentists can take care of all sorts of dental problems, you need specialists for your proper oral hygiene.

dental clinic in Dubai

Stepwise Dental Clinic Startup Guide for Dubai 

The Flyingcolour Business Setup Services will help you in every step of opening a dental clinic in the UAE.

Given below are the steps to launch a dental clinic in Dubai-


Step 1. Basic Requirements to Open a Clinic in Dubai 

To practice as a dentist in Dubai, you must have an approval license from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). You can take the help of the DHA guideline regulations to comprehend the licensing requirements and the country’s rules and procedures. The latest state regulation follows that dentists holding qualifications from select boards can practice throughout the UAE without sitting for extensive online exams held previously. 

To gain approval from the authorities, your clinic must have to meet certain requirements, such as 

  • Maintaining accurate patient records
  • The spacious clinic should not be less than 14 Square meters, 
  • Separate room for male and female patients
  • Reception area
  • Arrangements include an x-ray room, toilet, medical waste room, etc. 
  • Enough ventilation to avoid suffocation


Step 2. Decide on the type of Dental Services 

When setting up a dental clinic in Dubai, you have to be specific about the dental services offered by your clinic. Depending on your skills and qualifications, you can select the business activity type, such as therapeutic treatment or cosmetic procedures. If you have a team of qualified professionals, then decide on the offered treatment based on market demand and existing competition. The Flyingcolour team will assist you in conducting practical market analysis in Dubai. 


Step 3. The Approval Stage 

Once you are sorted with the preliminary tasks, you can proceed to the approval stage before opening a clinic establishment in Dubai

So the steps for approval include: 

  • Registering the clinic name. (avoid religious names, the initials of your name, etc.) 
  • Approval from the Department of Economic Development at the initial stages. 
  • Issuing the initial approval of DHA. 
  • Installation of the medical equipment and the fit-out works. 
  • Approval from the Department of Economic Development at the final stage. 
  • Final inspection by DHA and issuance of the operating license. 
  • Residence visa processing for the staff. 


In addition to these prerequisites, your dental clinic in Dubai will also require a separate area for the dental laboratory. Here, the implants and crowns, including the 3D printing process, will be conducted. 


How Flyingcolour Can Help You?

Therefore, the above makes clear the potential and future scope of starting a dental clinic in DubaiHowever, with rising competition, it becomes difficult to create stability in the field. The Flyingcolour Business Setup services will help you establish your clinic in every possible way. From presenting a comparative analysis of the market to assisting you in gathering the necessary documents for approval, the Flyingcolour team will guide you throughout your startup journey.


To learn more about Starting a Dental Clinic in Dubai, book a free consultation with one of the Flyingcolour team advisors, simply call +971 50 5585305 or send WhatsApp messages to +971 4 4542366. you can also drop an email to info (at) flyingcolour (dot) com.

Please note that this article was published on  27/04/2024 by the federal policies and updates at the time of writing. For the latest info please talk to our consultant.

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