How to start a facilities management company in Dubai?
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How to start a facilities management company in Dubai?


Starting a facilities management company in Dubai is one of the impeccable opportunities as we can find the finest world-class infrastructure, skyscrapers, commercial buildings, and commercial buildings. A series of projects are undergoing in the residential and commercial sectors.

The fast-paced development of Emirates would drive the facilities market and there would be a colossal increase. Apart from high-end buildings and properties, there are millions of expats living in different accommodations and structures that require timely maintenance and services every year. It shows how diversified UAE is and the exciting opportunities that come in the lieu of managing these facilities. The business is thriving due to the building of world-class infrastructure.

Starting a Facilities Management Company in Dubai

The planning of starting a facilities management company in Dubai requires the users to be specific about choosing the different types of facility management services and these are divided into two different categories as

Hard Facilities Management Company

The company offers services in the building structures and systems to keep them intact and in perfect shape to ensure they are functioning properly. These services include the proper maintenance of elevators, corridors, plumbing, fire safety system, and alarm system.

Soft Facilities Management Company

Soft Facilities Management company focuses on maintaining the property from the ground, pest control, ensuring security, and cleaning the premises that are included in these services.

Documents required for starting facilities management company in Dubai

For opening the facilities management company in Dubai. The first step is to obtain the facility management license also the requirement of a business license is a must to commence the operations. This license requires a series of documents and processing fees where Flyingcolour® business setup Dubai can help you take out the hassle and submit all the documents to the concerned authority. The license can be retained within no time to start the functions.

Here is the list of documents required to start the facilities management company in Dubai

  1. Application form.
  2. Approval by the concerned authority depends on the chosen business activity.
  3. Passport copies of proposed business partners and owners.
  4. Rental contract
  5. Two-color passport size photos.
  6. Ejari Registration
  7. Name registration certificate.
  8. Copy of Jinsiya.
  9. If the person is already on a work visa, a No objection certificate from an international sponsor partner is required.

Apply for Facility Management License in Dubai

Start by visiting the Department of Economic Development for registering the licensing in Dubai.

  • Start by acquiring TRA, Initial, and other name approvals.
  • Attest and notarize the Memorandum of Agreement MOA.
  • Start by paying pending dues such as DED Fee, License Fee, Annual fee, Tasheel fee, and non-Arabic fee.
  • Preparing for Ejari.

Process of setting up a facilities management company in Dubai

  1. The first and foremost thing is obtaining a management license in Dubai, UAE.
  2. Choose a business activity that suits the goals and purpose of the business.
  3. Choose a company name that should be unique and doesn’t clash with existing entities.
  4. Choose Jurisdiction to establish the business.

Going through the procedure of obtaining a license alone can be extremely overwhelming, which is where we step in. Flyingcolour® business setup Dubai can assist you with this process in a timely and hassle-free manner. Please contact us right away, even if it’s just for friendly advice.

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