How to Start an Online Flower Business in Dubai? | Flying Colour
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How to start an online flower business in Dubai?


Technological advancements and quick access to the internet have brought some major changes in consumer behavior. The change in consumer behavior is allowing people to order as per their convenience along with discounts. If you want to set up an online flower business in Dubai we are here to help you.

The UAE’s 90% population uses the internet for every other second thing. The flowers are essential, and with a considerable audience pool, it is easy to grow the business in Dubai. 

Steps for starting an online flower business in Dubai

Decide the Business Activities

The permission required to set up an online flower shop is needed from the governing bodies. The first step involves listing down the business activities and deciding the company structure i.e. sole proprietorship, foreign parent corporation, and more.

Reserve the Trade name

Now you are aware of the business activities you want to pursue in an online flower shop in Dubai. It’s the time to finalize a business name that you can take in the public and also check whether the said name is available or not. The trading name doesn’t have any offensive terms, insulting words, remarks, religious attacks, or more.

Company Registration

The registration of the company should be with the concerned jurisdiction to retain the desired license. A valid license is required for the smooth functioning of the online flower shop business. 

Retain The License

The concerned governing body approves the business license application after performing the regulatory checks. The compliance issue or paperwork should be rectified quickly and applied again to obtain the license. The additional approvals are required to conduct the business activities that are not mentioned in the permit. 

Create an impressive yet sophisticated website

The business entirely depends on the online audience which means it should be impressive, elegant, and fast enough to attract new visitors and appeal to them to buy from the website. When building the website make it user-friendly and easier to navigate for a hassle-free experience. 

Benefits of Starting an Online Flower Shop in Dubai


To start an online flower shop business in Dubai you’re not required to invest a huge sum of money or buy a lavish office space to open a flower business in Dubai. The online business doesn’t require any kind of costs and it is flexible enough to try different things in the business domain and invest towards the growth of the business. 

No Personal Taxes

When working on carrying out the online business in Dubai. You are fully exempted from paying any sort of tax which means the entire profit is for you also it helps in improving the position of the business.

Dubai is heaven for entrepreneurs and we at FlyingColour Business Setup Services focus on providing their services at nominal prices and taking all the hassle out and help in setting up the business in no time. We ensure a risk-free and smooth process of business setup.

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