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Mission Visa UAE


Mission Visa UAE – What it is, the process and the cost

What is Mission Visa?

Mission visa uae  is applied for employees who work on a short term project for a company. Employees obtaining mission visa can work in the UAE for a period of 90 days. This is only on a single entry basis. The holder of the mission visa dubai must exit the UAE in order to apply for an employment visa in a mainland/freezone company. Companies who would like to apply for Mission visas will come to know their visa eligibility only during the time of applying quota. 

Why mission visa uae?

Mission visa will be useful for the companies, who have registered and are new to UAE and who deal project with deadlines. It is more cost effective option for employer as compared to a traditional employee visa. They can save cost by opting for a 90-day Mission visa instead of a 2 years employee visa which will cost higher. This will be applicable mainly for IT companies, Construction companies, Project-based companies, etc.  Mission visa will ensure that a company will have employees for a 3 month-period and can complete/work on projects to ensure a cost-effective way to stick to their deadlines.

Process of obtaining mission visa Dubai

The process of obtaining a Mission visa will start with the Ministry of Labour. Mission visa can be applied only if the person is outside country. Flyingcolour can assist in the execution and processing of the Mission Visa. The government cost for the Mission Visa will be roughly AED 2,500.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • No medical requirement for mission visa in Dubai.
  • If the company does not submit the labor contract within a month then a fine of AED 100 per day will be charged
  • In case of expiry of 3 months, if the visa is not cancelled and the person has not exited the country, there will be a fine of AED 100 per day.
  • In a Mission visa, there is no visa stamping process.

Eligibility of mission visa

Employer will come to know about the eligibility to apply for a Mission visa only during the time of quota. This is based on activity of the company and is purely decided by the Ministry of Labour.

Cancellation of mission visa

Exit report needs to be obtained by the company once the candidate leaves the country by paying AED 120 at immigration center. A fee of AED 700 is required to cancel the visa.

Documents required for mission visa UAE

  • Permit to be applied for Mission visa from the department of  MOL
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Labour Establishment Card
  • UAE National passport copy
  • Copy of a valid commercial license
  • Copy of a valid establishment card
  • UAE National’s e-signature card

Office size for mission visa

For a normal employee visa, office size as mandated by MOL is 80 sq ft (roughly) for each staff. In case of Mission visa, office size requirement will be decided based on designation of employees and the nature of business of the company. MOL officers during inspection will decide and confirm if office space is required or not.

Flyingcolour Business Setup Services can assist in obtaining, advising and processing matters related to a Mission visa. We understand the business requirements and accordingly providing optimal solution for your company. This blog post is written by Mr. Ashwin. Feel free to call today for a more detail on long term visa related queries. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366




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