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Setting Up A Company With DMCC


The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is a government-run free zone and a strategic initiative for building a commodities market in Dubai. The DMCC permits a wide range of activities .

It also permits several activities that are not permitted in other free zones, such as trading of gold and precious metals, diamonds, and colourful stones trading. Flyingcolour® is one of the best options to help in setting up a business in Dubai successfully under DMCC. At Flyingcolour®, we assist our clients through a successful registration and business setup process with the help of our team of specialists and experts.


Benefits of Setting up Business in DMCC : 

  • There is a guarantee of 0% corporate and personal income tax.
  • It offers freehold offices for selling and leasing at reasonable rates.
  • There are immigration services that include visas and other government permits.
  • There is 100% capital repatriation and business ownership.
  • There are varied licenses for a wide range of business activities.
  • Its infrastructure is built with purpose.
  • It offers flexible office solutions that include serviced offices, flexible desks, and shared offices.
  • It provides training on the latest developments in the rules and compliance standards.
  • It has the best security systems for ensuring a secure environment for its development.


How Flyingcolour® Can Help you with the process of setting up  a company With DMCC


For setting up a business in DMCC, Dubai, the process is very quick, easy, and clear. Our team of experts will provide end-to-end guidance and assistance.

  1. Express your Interest

    Our team of experts provides you free consultation on various options of license to choose from. Once you have decided on the type of license you wish to obtain, and the associated business activities, Flyingcolour takes full responsibility for assisting you. Once the first stage is cleared, we will then guide you to the next task at hand: online application submission.

  1. Submit Your Online Application

    Flyingcolour will do the complete form filling, and help ahead in the application fees. A representative from our team is always available to guide us regarding the quotes, and final reservation of brand name, management, and compliance approval.

  1. Pay, Sign, and Submit Your Documents

    Flyingcolour will assist you with the registration and license fee payment and support the process of signing the legal documents.

  1. Choose Your Suitable Office Solution

    The last thing you have to do for setting up your office is sign off on the necessary documents and we will proceed to submit the relevant documents to fast track your application. Once we receive the official license, you can begin your business journey in DMCC!

Our team is available for assistance in identifying required documents and assisting in getting the documents ready for the whole process.

Among the most significant elements to consider when establishing a new business in Dubai is the cost of doing so. From its inception, DMCC has been a key contributor to the success of any business setup in Dubai. It provides a diverse platform for commerce, cooperation, and communication, as well as business infrastructure and a can-do mentality. It is the best option for a business setup in Dubai as it is affordable and registration is quite easy.

Flyingcolour is a corporate consulting firm that works with clients in the governmental, non-government, corporate, and academic industries. We can help you in setting up a company with DMCC with zero hassle.

To know more or book free consultation, call us on  +971 4 4542366





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