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Setting Up a Mobile Car Wash Business in Dubai


For those living and working in Dubai, having a vehicle is almost a necessity. Dubai has seen every year an immense increase in the rate of ownership for vehicle, so keeping this in mind starting a car wash company in Dubai is one of the best options entrepreneurs can prefer as it’s a booming sector in the UAE.

Before we understand the procedure and cost to setup a Car wash company, let’s see some rules and regulations for it:

  1. Dubai laws state that only licensed carwash in Dubai can wash cars.
  2. The city has designated car washing areas and all residents are supposed to adhere to these designated areas for washing their cars.
  3. Car washing in the street or other such undesignated places calls for a fine of AED 500 and for repeat offenders it is AED 1000.
  4. All car wash services in Dubai have to install water recycling systems before they can be licensed. Also, they have to dispose the solid as well as the soluble wastes in a responsible manner.

How to Start a Mobile Car Wash company in Dubai?

To start a car wash business in Dubai one has to obtain a professional license. It can be owned 100% by the expat and the UAE National will act as a service agent on the license.

Parking Car Washing

Activity Group: Motor vehicle repairing
License Type: Professional
Activity Description: Includes firms engaged in car washing and cleaning manually or through specially equipped movable vehicles which carry out such services in public parking lots and parking facilities in malls and other premises.

Mobile car wash in Dubai

License process from DED (Professional license)

  • Trade name, Initial approval receipt
  • Approval from RTA for the mobile vehicles (if applicable)
  • Submit approval from RTA for Initial approval (if applicable)
  • MOA signing
  • Ejari submission
  • Upon payment of the payment voucher, license can be issued.

RTA approval process

  • The customer will provide a request letter to vehicle licensing department stating the vehicle and activity details
  • Classification of the Interior design and the equipment that needs to be fixed inside the vehicle
  • After approval from the department, the customer can make the changes on the vehicle
  • The customer should visit service providers like Tasjeel or Shamil to make appointment for for RTA committee to test the vehicle and be sure that the customer is following the vehicle amending
  • After the vehicle is approved from RTA committee the customer can apply for initial approval from DED
  • The customer must check with DED regarding the cleaning material. After that, the customer need to apply for NOC for Sale of goods/services using the vehicle from RTA website

Documents Required:

  • Clear colored passport copy (all 4 corners of the passport showing)
  • Passport photo
  • UAE entry stamp/residents visa copy (if available)
  • 3 suggested names for the business

This blog is written by Ms. Nirmala, a Business setup consultant at Flyingcolour Business Setup, VAT and Accounting Services, Dubai. For more information on setting up a mobile car wash business in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE, kindly contact us at or call +971 4 4542366 for quality consultation.

*Please Note: This article was published on 04th October, 2020. The information provided in the article is based on the policies and rules applicable at the time of writing it. Talk to one of our consultants for any recent update or change.

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